2013 Fantasy Football WR Rankings: What You Need To Know

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The Wide Receiver position is one of the most difficult positions to predict in Fantasy Football, especially on a week to week basis. While it’s easy to predict what the top receivers will do, it’s not so easy to predict the other 60 or so receivers outside the Elite 10 or 20.

Every week we pilot to as many sites as possible trying to ascertain the latest and best information we can gather, in an attempt to find that perfect combination of starting receivers. But we forget that a bigger portion of said roster are the guys we’re always up in the air about.

The trouble is—more often than not—the guys who you think are gonna have a big day usually don’t, while the other guys you don’t even give a second look to often wind up being that week’s Fantasy stud.

Why is that?

Well, although there’s no exact science to properly answer that question there are a few key elements that can help you figure it out.

Let’s take a look.

1. Know Your Targets AND the Enemy!  We often look at the receiver only, and tend to forget who is doing the defending on the other side of the ball, which is just as important.

Wide receivers are sometimes the by-product of the defender assigned to cover him when it comes to fantasy.

Good receivers against bad DBs is always something to be on the lookout for, but also keep in mind that the better the receiver the better the coverage is going to be.

There are exceptions to the rule, yes, but in the grand scheme of things this is solid practice that prevents you starting a guy for name’s sake.

Bottom line, the more quality information you have on the DEFENDING team you are facing, the more prepared you’ll be.

2. Following Hot Trends:  At times, it may be difficult to read between the lines when considering trending players.

The minute a player gets hot many of us rush out and snatch him off the wire. This could be due to an existing player who is struggling, leverage in trading or just because you want to sit on the guy.

It’s a wise move to acquire the player, but one hot week does not always dictate another to come.

Make sure you’re asking questions. Why was the receiver hot? How likely is this trend to continue? And of course, who does the individual face next week?

Combining this philosophy with the one above it makes for a potent collection of tools at your disposal.

3. Do Your Homework! Everybody and their mother writes about fantasy football now-a-days. The world has changed and so has the game.

Technology allows anyone to put their two cents on the web, and the game has gone from run oriented to pass oriented, with more options than many know what to do with—not a great combination when searching the web for advice.

Finding quality information is crucial in fantasy football. How much does the author know about football should be a key factor. Anyone can scour other sites, collect universal information and present it as if it were actual advice.

Finding the right advice goes a long way towards helping you decide whom to start. It also helps you navigate the hot trends and informs you a little bit of defensive information for that week.

See? It all sort of goes together, albeit, know there is always room for error.

The point is, the more homework you do the more informed you are, and the more informed you are the better decision making you will make as each week passes by—especially with your money makers, the receivers.

Winning a fantasy football league takes more than number crunching. It takes a solid approach to the draft and it takes a full season commitment.

That commitment entails player study, keeping up with the news and a lot of Q&As. More importantly, it takes humility.

Remember, the best managers who win year after year are always the ones who say “I’m still learning”.

I hope this helps a few of you out. Now if you want to take a step further, go learn How to Make a Smooth Fantasy Trade :)