5 Reason I Like the Suspended Guys More Than You Do‏

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In an ongoing effort to get the Knucklehead Nation out to the masses, we’ve started a blog-for-blog exhange program with several other fantasy sites. Here is a piece written by our friend Nathan Powell, courtesy of FantayFootballWarehouse.com.

5 Reason I Like the Suspended Guys More Than You Do?

1. You don’t win championships in weeks 1-4
As annoying as it is to see that red S by a players name on draft day, that does not mean you shouldn’t draft him, in fact that may even make them a better value after the suspension than they were before the suspension as their ADP deflates. With the current 12-team ADPs of these players, Josh Gordon (8.12), Isaiah Pead (10.08) and Justin Blackmon (10.11) I feel that the combo of these players skills and low ADP outweighs the length of their suspensions: Gordon (2 games), Blackmon (4 games) and Pead (1 game).

2. You are drafting them as a bench player
With the ADPs of these players, it is likely that none of your other options would be starting in your lineup Week 1 anyways, so why are people less likely to draft a player saying “Well, I don’t want him because I can’t start him week 1.” Well, you aren’t going to start any of the other options on the board week 1 anyways, so why take the player with inferior talent?

3. Talent, it’s that simple.
NFL teams put up with guys who get suspended for one reason, and that reason is talent. This is the same reason why you should tolerate them on your fantasy team. Both Josh Gordon and Justin Blackmon are two of the most talented receivers in the NFL today, both were rookies in 2012 and both showed flashes of greatness. Blackmon showed his unlimited potential in Week 11 against Houston, catching 7 ball for 236 yards and a touchdown. Gordon had a three-game stretch from weeks 5-7 in 2012 where he scored 4 TDs and averaged 34 yards per catch, showing his ability to be one of the better deep threats in the NFL. Isaiah Pead saw limited action in 2012, but he certainly is a talent as the Rams spent a 2012 2nd-round pick on him and prior to his suspension he impressed Rams coaches in 2013 mini-camps. If Pead can win the starting job in St. Louis when he returns from his suspension, his value will definitely exceed what his current ADP is.

4. It’s no secret, these teams will be playing from behind
I actually thought the Jaguars and Browns had two of the better off-seasons in the NFL, but rebuilding is a process and neither team is quite there yet in my opinion. This means that both teams are going to be throwing more than most and that will likely result in elevated production for both Justin Blackmon and Josh Gordon, I believe this helps make up for the poor QB play by ChadHenne/Blaine Gabbert and Brandon Weeden. As far as Isaiah Pead and the Rams, I have really liked what the Rams have done ever since the hiring of Jeff Fisher. They have continued to get better and in the games that the Rams are leading Pead may see a bump in carries. However, the Rams are in a division with arguably two of the top 4 teams in the NFL, and that means there will be times when they Rams will be throwing a lot, and for those circumstances, Pead showed his ability to be a pass-catcher out of the backfield in college as he caught 39 passes for 319 yards and 3 touchdowns in college. I feel that Pead is the most talented among the Rams three current options at the running back position, and I feel that if the Rams are going to have a “feature-back” emerge in 2013, I feel that will be Isaiah Pead.

5. Playoffs? Talking about Playoffs?
By taking one of these players, barring injury or further suspension, you are obviously going to have these guys for the most important part of the fantasy season: the fantasy playoffs. By having one of these guys in your starting lineup it may just give you the edge you need on the way to a championship and the memory of having a guy with 0 points on your bench in the opening weeks will be long gone.