Dustin Keller Hypes It Up On Twitter

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Is Dustin Keller ready to make the fantasy football jump in 2010?

Via twitter Dustin Keller told me how it's going to be this year.

First Dustin lets us know his account is verified.

I reply:

@DUSTINKELLER81 verified, but are you rdy to clarify? What RND do we draft you in fantasy football =) J.E.T.S JETS JETS JETS!

He replies:

@Fantasy_NFL doesn't matter, I'll make your pick more than worth it

Never hurts to hear NFL players getting in on a little fantasy football fun and hype. Last year Antonio Gates told us he would produce more touchdowns in the fantasy playoffs and he did, popping off a touchdown in each of his last four games of the season. By the way thank you Mr.Gates for helping me take 2nd place!

But what makes Keller so sure he'll "make your pick more than worth it"? Right now we have him ranked 15 in our fantasy football TE rankings, based more on promise and hope. But really now... does Keller's hype on twitter justify a bump in the rankings? It sure as hell has me analyzing the situation!

Last year Keller was the second most targeted receiver with the Jets. But unfortunately as the season progressed he saw more and more double coverages. Usually you would not see defenses key so heavily on a TE but I saw more double coverage on Keller last year than any other TE in the league. But this was justifiably so, you see, Sanchez had a weak 6.7 yard per pass average last year but Keller's average yards per catch was 11.6. Keller is a first down machine and is very hard to bring down. Defenses had to take him out the game. This years addition of Santonio Holmes will not only spread the field vertically but help keep Keller out of double coverage. Also the nydailynews.com reports that Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer has added plays specifically designed for Keller. He will be allowed to run more option routes and adjust pre-snap based on the defense he and Sanchez see. Anytime coaches are game planning with specific offensive weapons in mind you can expect a jump in production.

We'll that's it guys, Keller say's you won't be disappointed and I believe him. What say you? Time to bump him up the draft board? I know he'll likely be passed over and available later than his true value making Dustin Keller an exceptional value in this years draft.