Fantasy Alert: Randy Moss Waived by Minnesota Vikings

- Last Week of Discounted Pricing - The best cheat sheet you'll ever use is here. Bonus offer: subscribe before week 1 and access to all DFS tools is included. Dominate your league before, during and after the draft!, Michael Lombardi on Twitter, and are all reporting that the Vikings have had enough of Randy Moss, and have not only waived him, but according to, not so much as even mentioned it to him, rather just left him in New England.

Look, if there really is no pro football next year, at least this season will be one of the most memorable in a long time, right?

Randy Moss has failed to provide the Minnesota Vikings the deep ball threat they thought —and know—he was and is chiming in for only 174 yards on 13 catches and two scores.

But despite his curious release, and a very dubious “press conference”, you may want to hold onto him for just a bit longer, just with a very short leash.

Teams that could be interested are Miami, St Louis, Chicago, Jacksonville, and Buffalo.

Buffalo would have first dibs if they became interested, and where Randy Moss winds up could not only affect his own fantasy value, but other players of that team.

When we start hearing more updates we’ll keep you posted. As mentioned above, keep Randy Moss for now if you can afford to, and take a look at our Week 9 Waiver Wire post for ideas on who to grab for the interim.