Fantasy Football Sleeper: Damian Williams, Tennessee Titans

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When we think of Tennessee, we immediately think of a team that doesn’t have much to offer outside of Chris Johnson, but fantasy football fans should be keeping a closer eye on the Titans for several reasons and one of them is wide out Damian Williams.

According to the Tennessee Insider, Titans coordinator Chris Palmer says—and confirmed— that WR Damian Williams is in line for a bigger role this season.

This comes on the heels of a possible suspension of wide out Kenny Britt, but keep in mind this little aspect of the CBA talks:

“Intriguing twist just reported: Overhaul of arbitration system being negotiated, panel of ex-judges could review even commish discipline”Chris Mortensen, ESPN

Remember kids, experienced fantasy football managers know there is much more to fantasy football than last year’s stats, and early rankings—rookies do not.

What that basically means is, the NFLPA would have to give up judicial oversight of the CBA, and players facing suspensions would receive a much less stringent recourse for prior transgressions.

In other words, Kenny Britt may be able to start the season without suspension, or not.

Either way, the plan is to get Williams more involved in the offense, regardless of Britt’s issues, because the Titans have a pressing need for another complimentary wide out on the opposite side of the field.

Marc Mariani is not an option and will not only handle return duties again, but also play as the new slot receiver. I’ll get to him this weekend, I promise.

Williams only had 16 receptions for 219 yards in 2010, but did average 13.7 yards a catch, flashing what the Titans expect to be a serious deep ball threat this season.

Williams logged in two solid years at USC, leading the 2008 version with 50 catches for 869 yards and nine scores, while putting himself on the map in 2009 with 70 catches for 1,010 yards and six touchdowns.

The scouting report on Williams is an excellent route runner with complimentary speed, and good hands, and has the skill set needed to be the TYPE of wide out the Titans need; all aspects that bode well for a late round fantasy football sleeper.

It is also believed that Matt Hasselbeck could wind up being the starting quarterback in Tennessee after the CBA talks are concluded—something else I will be discussing this weekend, so keep a look out—which would significantly increase Williams value, as well as, all other Titans receivers.

In the end, Williams will be around for the majority of your draft, and you can take my word that he will in fact play the role of sleeper this season.