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    He can be my Edward....:heart:

    <shameless movie reference>
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    the brood is coming back?:icon_eek:
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    If the tights weren't enough. The flamming costumes and the outrageous hats and glasses wasn't filling your inner Paul Lynne. Now they have sparklers. I thought with all the nut grabbing , heads in the crotch area and all the sweating bodies wriggling around they wouldn't have to be so obvious about it being a fella guy sport
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    Same with me Ward, first time I've watched in a long time. Jericho's promo was genius. You got the come back superstar that you wanted, the crowd was in a frenzy, and the genius that is Chris Jericho, played the crowd like a bunch of puppets, using them to get over at first.. and then just to toy with their emotions and show them that he is the best at what he does, and everyone got that one moment of wanting to be him, just as they've always done. [Goes back to where he left off when he left, the same heel character that was pure genius].

    All and all, side notes.

    A Water bottle knocked The Miz unconscious. The Bella Twins are horrible wrestlers. The Dolph Zigler win with the GM's help, and stolen title thing... how many times have we seen that? I remember when DDP and Raven used that, and went on MTV, and different talk shows and crap, acting it out... that was bad butt. The end was a beast, with Kane ad the pyro through the ring.. I don't know why I expected more than that though. Hopefully I can get back into this wrestling jazz, I feel like I'm missing a piece of who I was without it, lol.
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    Here's what should've happened at the end:

    Kane comes up through the ring and does his schtick. He lays out Cena and goes back for Ryder and tombstones him hard. After he does that he pulls Ryder into the hole while Cena comes after him and just before he gets there the flames shoot up. Instead they have a Zack Ryder love triangle with Eve and Cena.

    And again, the Jericho thing was PURE GENIUS. I hated it and was REALLY pissed when I first saw it but after watching the backstage thing and re-watching it, it's genius! He just proved to everyone that fans are puppets. I'm curious as to where this is all going though. The Ziggler/Punk thing will go to the Rumble but that's as far. I think Jericho will finally get his rumble win and challenge Punk at Mania. I'm interested but worried since the E is GREAT at freaking everything up. I'm also calling for Taker to show up at the Rumble!
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    Screw you Jericho. Screw you for being so god **mn awesome at what you freaking do. Now I have to watch RAW next week. Also thank you Jericho, I missed the awesomeness that is halfway decent promos, wrestling and acting. Thank you Jericho for coming back!
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    says you are welcome
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