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    Out of the recent "trouble makers" who were suspended for anytime who was a starting quarterback of their franchise. So people think of his actions as being even more ignorant, because not only did he hurt his own career he hurt the Falcons in only a way a starting quarterback could.
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    Donte stallworth killed someone the only diffrence is he got away with it. would you guys bash him if he dident do interviews thanking everyone around him for the oppurtunity to keep playing and go to schools and talk about how drunk driving is dangerous? Probably not he did his time hes getting his second chance let the man move on.

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    Yea he made a big mistake he has apologized like a million times already lol. He hasent said anything so far you can call him out for and say oh look hes being ungratefull. Its just assuming that hes not telling the truth.
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    Dude, I would be the exact same way with stallworth as I am with Vick, but trying to use that to defend your argument is ludicrous. And yes is he got the chance to play again he should do interviews thanking everyone and he should be going to schools saying that drunk driving is bad and dangerous. Again it is two totally different situations that are incomparable in the sense you are using.
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    I see what your saying but do you think the general population of nfl fans will think that way? We will have to wait and see what happens when he comes back but i think people wont be as hard on donte as they were on vick. I doubt that donte even has to do any public speaking or visit any schools. How is it ludacris? They both did a crime that was wrong dident they? One is most likley gonna get less heat then the other for it.
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    Ludicris is the rap star, Ludacrous is what you mean. The reason it is ludacrous is that Vick's crime was premeditated. There is a major difference between them, and saying that both did a crime is again a piss poor arguement. And yea I think that Donte has to do public speaking when/if he gets back into the NFL.
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    Thats true ill give you that

    but still since vick has gone out he has not said anything wrong and people still think hes doing something wrong. I think no matter what vick does it wont even matter.
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    Okay, even if you take the Vehicular Homicide players out of the equation you still have wife-beaters (no one has in anyway protested Merriman, and they got on Vick's case immediately before anything was proven) and other NFL players with various criminal backgrounds, they just aren't as high-profiled as Vick so no one gives two craps.

    Honestly, I don't know what you want from the man, he's done his time, that's it, it's over. You may dislike him, you may not feel that he sounds remorseful (the guy is monotone, how can you honestly determine any emotion?), and if you just don't like him, get over it. That's all that I can tell you to do.

    IMO, as disgusting as the crime was, there's tons of other people who get away with doing worse crimes. The only difference between them and Vick is you don't pay for a ticket to see him on Sundays.

    I want it known that I do not agree with what Vick has done, however, I do believe that everyone's criticism of the guy has gotten just way out of hand. It seems as if no one gives anyone else any blame for any problem they've ever done, they just ignore them and go "blahblahblahVick"
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    Problem is he's a public figure so he's getting the attention whether he likes it or not. Plus or minus, that's what fans have a right to, their opinion. I don't agree with the ones who don't want him to ever earn a living but slamming him for amazingly stupid decisions every now & then, fair play IMO.

    Apples & oranges...

    One doesn't cancel out the other. They should both be railed for or against. However, short of picking up your local paper, posting it here to discuss, how would those people getting away with crimes be discussed? Vick, on the other hand, is served up in every media outlet there is. It's the price of fame...

    He's earned everything he's gotten. People don't just not like his bad decisions, they hate to see someone benefiting from absolutely nothing they did but from God given talent.

    Vick benefited from Blank's coddling & babying but now he has to pay the price of a lot of people disliking him. Sure he's served his time but even before that a lot thought he was a mediocre QB. Throw in his killing dogs for sport & blowing thru millions & you sure aren't going to get any sympathy from the average joe.

    Besides, his life isn't being harmed from some negative opinions on GIF in any way & neither is it better off for defending him here on GIF. Personally, I think he's a (formerly) rich spoiled brat who thought he was above the law. Do I think he deserved 2 years? No way but I'm not wasting a breath in his defense. I guaranty he's hasn't been concerned with me either.

    So don't like the inequality in the justice system, can anyone say Plaxico?, in how they handled the Vick case but don't expect some of us to defend Vick's actions in any way or hesitate to continue to point out him being an idiot every time his name comes up.
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    i just wish the guy wasnt on our team, he brings absolutely nothing to the team but bad PR.