18 Game Schedule, Who Wants It?

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Are you in favor of an 18 game season?

  1. I like what an 18 game season would do for the league.

  2. I do NOT like what an 18 game season would mean for the league.

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  2. smeags

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    i am not a big fan of it but the injury arguement is weak. look how many injuries happen in the pre-season. wouldn't you rather have that happen in real games if it had to ? while the players are actually getting paid ?

    the best decision is to eliminate two of the pre-season games. you don't need four. the ONLY reason there is that many is money because the home teams charge for the tix. as a season ticket holder it pisses me off that i have to purchase two games that mean nothing.

    to me the best would be to eliminate two teams altogether and expand the schedule. that way i pay for one less garbage game and the talent pool isn't spread so thin.
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    I say no only because so many things are a question mark in order for it to work, however, if all the major details can be worked out then I would love to have more real football. I like the idea of a 17 game season because like previously stated, the final preseason game is useless anyway so why not use it to make a real game. But in any situation all the roster must be expanded.
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    against it, i love it the way it is. dont fix something thats not broken.
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    I'm all for it if one of those games includes a rivalry game or a region match up that's not being done now ...like Houston vs NO or Houston vs Dallas.
    NY Giants vs Ny Jets, San Diego vs SF, Washington Vs Ravens, Tampa Bay vs Jacksonville/MIAMI.. ect

    Plus it keeps the season ticket holders happy .
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    1. More games equals more injuries. More injuries means a watered down product.

    2. More meaningless games. There are enough meaningless games already, like in December.

    3. This, I'm sure, will be another sticking point when the owners and players sit down and hammer out a new CBA. The owners will want it, but the players won't.

    4. I'm assuming that an 18-game schedule will mean one more home game and one more away game. Are ticket prices going to come down for that extra game? I bet not. Because of the economic times we live in now, some families can't afford to go to games already. Adding another game won't help matters.

    IMO, this is just a ploy by Goodell and the other owners to fill their already fat wallets.