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Discussion in 'NFL General Discussion' started by Mike S., Mar 28, 2007.

  1. Mike S.

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    the rest of the 2007 NFL schedule will be released on ESPN next thursday, April 5th at 7pm et. i want to see the ravens get a few sunday night games on NBC this year after they didn't get any at all last year, which was a travesty.
  2. Cletusaurus

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    THANK GOD! I'll be home instead of working when it comes on!

    Now that the Patriots were left off of Opening Night in Indy and Thanksgiving in Dallas (the Jets?!?!), I'm interested to see how they place the Pats/Colts and Chargers/Pats games. I swear, NFL Schedule Release Day is one of the top 5 sports days of the year for me!
  3. DaBearsrule4ever

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    Oh good, i'll be home when this comes out. Thanks for the info Mike S.!
  4. Blu N Houston

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    I'll be happy if the Texans get more than 2 games that start late Sunday after 3pm cst... that's life as a Texan. I'm still holding out hope that the Texans can get a Sunday night or Thursday night game. Forget Monday night :x ...unless ESPN wants to rub "Bush" in Houston face. :oops:
  5. Omen

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    thats bc only premiere teams from texas get to play marque games like MNF or SNF
  6. TJ

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    ^^Damn right :D
  7. Blu N Houston

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  8. TJ

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    Losers :lol:
  9. Blu N Houston

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    Blow me Cowgirls!
  10. Dam8610

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    You WANTED Opening Night?! Why exactly would you want to watch the Colts raise their banner and get their rings? I wanted the Pats opening night, but the NFL screwed that over for their damn cash cow. I guarantee this game will be scheduled for some time in November, putting it in sweeps and probably giving the NFL more ad revenue in the long run since that game always draws a crowd.
  11. DoubleC

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    That's a cheap shot... but still funny.
  12. Mike S.

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    the 2007 NFL Schedule release show will also be on at 2pm et on April 5th on ESPN as well. i just checked ESPN's tv listings.
  13. Mike S.

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    got some bad news, the schedule will *not* be realeased tomorrow as planned.

    Adam Schefter just reported that the NFL needs at least another 10 days to finalize the schedule. He announced it during the pre-season announcement show.
  14. DawkinsINT

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    That sucks.
  15. cashtool

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    Well, so long as they put even more games on Primetime. They could easily have games on every thursday night if they use the bye weeks correctly. That would be a great night, with a college game starting at 6:30 and an NFL game starting at 9pm.
  16. Blu N Houston

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    :p CAsh I think your on to something...
    Thursday...the new start of the weekend.
  17. skinsfan1

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    Schedule release delayed......

    Fans anxious to begin making plans for the 2007 NFL regular-season schedule will have to wait a little longer.

    A league official confirmed Monday that the much-anticipated announcement of the regular-season schedule, originally set for Thursday, will be delayed. The schedule could be released as early as next week now, with the roll-out coming no later than April 19.
  18. nastynate184

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    i wondered what was going on when i turned on espn to watch it yesterday and madden nation was on
  19. skinsfan1

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    I wish they would get it together. They allready have the thanksgiving games announced. They have it done, just need to release it.
  20. brakos82

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    They're probably waiting for gas prices to go down. :roll: