2007 Sleeper Picks

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    In Bill Simmons recent chat, he indicated that hes getting closer to selecting his sleeper team for the 2007 season. Given how much a teams surprise success can create unexpected stat boosts for its players (or is that vice versa?), it seems as though it would behoove us as fantasy players to isolate the teams that could beat expectations and make the playoffs this year.

    Sifting through 32 teams can be an intimidating task, though, so we should probably apply some rules to our endeavor. With luck, theyll help us narrow down the 07 sleeper candidates.

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  2. Chrisbob

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    Good read, but I already beat him to the Cards in my blog:icon_exclaim:
  3. DoubleC

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    The Cardinals... What a surprise! :whatever:
  4. bandi

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    Isn't it always the Cardinals?? :icon_rolleyes:

    I would pick the Chiefs as no one seems to think they'll win any games at all this year...and maybe the Lions.
  5. truelife

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    it seems to me the cards are a sleeper everyyear and everyyear they forget to wake up