2020 Week 4 Discussion

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    Titans vs. Steelers has been postponed to a "later date". I wonder when that later date will be, as they don't have the same by week. I also wonder what will happen with the other games that will eventually be postponed. Of course this won't be the only one.

    As for tonight, it's one of those times when I'm not mad about missing the first half of the game. Every year there's the team that is down to its 3rd Quarterback and it's not even week 5 yet. This year it's the Broncos. The Jets are a joke and not a funny one, so I still expect the Broncos to win.

    And as for the Cowboys, I'm ready to see how our defense makes Baker Mayfield look like prime Tom Brady out there which convinces the Browns to give him an extension and close to 40 million per year. I still see the Cowboys winning in a shootout, though...something like 38-35.
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    Not that they were going to win against the 49ers on Sunday Night anyway, but I can't believe how many injuries the Eagles have every year.

    @San Francisco this Sunday.
    @Pittsburgh next week coming off of what is now essentially a bye week for the Steelers.
    vs Baltimore on week 6

    Let's just skip until they are 0-5-1 and let the Jalen Hurts should start over Wentz talk go full force. I'm ready for that pain now.
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    Another crazy Sunday. I can't believe how poor the Cowboys defense has been this season. I didn't expect the Browns to put up close to 50 on them. The Eagles win over the 49ers felt just like the end of last season when Wentz willed them to some wins. Unreal that they are in first place. What an awful division once again.
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    Back in 2013, we had THE WORST DEFENSE IN NFL HISTORY as per yards and first downs allowed. It was coordinated by the bad Ryan brother, Rob. And I thought "well, it could never ever get worse than that, at least..."

    Boy, was I wrong. This 2020 defense is on pace to shatter all the records set by the 2013 defense and it's not even close.

    Dak Prescott will finish the year with 6500 yards and 50TDs and still the Cowboys will win 7 or 8 games. And of course, Cowboys fans will blame him, like they blamed Romo in 2013.

    I want to vomit...

    Congratulations on the playoff berth, Dawk. Well done.
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    For the past couple of years, the worst part about Monday night football is that I don't have time to watch at least the first half because of work. Now with the due-to-covid doubleheaders is even worse. I missed the KC vs NE game but after watching the score maybe it wasn't as good as I thought.

    Falcons and Packers put me to sleep. To be fair, I had a rough day...and I'm always 25% more tired on mondays.

    I say no more Monday nights.
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    I can't stand night games because I have to wake up early for work. I took a 2 hour nap before the Eagles-49ers Sunday Night game.

    Being old may play a part in it as well...haha.
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