49ers are reloaded, taking aim at top of NFC West

Discussion in 'San Francisco 49ers' started by indysteve1563, May 30, 2007.

  1. The 49ers, IMO, should be able to win the NFC West. They have the defense (Clements the key here) and I think their offense should be able to rack up 25 pts/game.
  2. Platoon 86

    Platoon 86 Loony

    We've definitley had a hell of an offseason and draft. We addressed a bunch of holes on our team. I think winning the division is acheivable.

    We just need Alex Smith to step up, the question is can he?
  3. Walnuts

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    Clements is part of the key, but moreso I would say it is the front 7. We have the personnel and depth to be able to play the 34 that Nolan has been wanting since he arrived, which should hopefully take a lot of pressure off the DB's. Adalius Thomas would have been more key than Clements, but oh well. He wanted to play in NE. If the offense can at minimum duplicate last season (and it should be improved) we should be able to win at least 2-3 more games. If the offense (specifically Smith and VD) improve, it's at least 3-4 games and the division. We do have a tough schedule though.

    Fingers crossed!
  4. Ronin 49er

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    I wonder what having Vernon for a full season is going to be like.
  5. Zach49ers

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    i agree with platoon....i think it all rests on the shoulders of our main man....alex smith....

    now he has shown improvements from rookie to sophomore years.....BUT

    he did "kinda" decline at the end of the season...

    now that we have a crapload of WR's and VD in his second year (and running outside routes)

    plus FRANK GORE.....

    ahh crap son

    the potential is alll there....

    we just have to sieze the moment
  6. RaiderHater

    RaiderHater Guest

    Crap I just hope we dont be like the Arizona Cardinals. Those heckers are the sleeper picks of quite a few analysts every year and they don't got much to show for it.....

    We'll see. I just can't wait to get over to a game and tailgate before hand...
  7. DoubleC

    DoubleC i'm ready now...

    Between Year 1 and year 2, we could see some hell of improvemnt. Norv's gone but the offense will be the same. He can step up, imo.
  8. Monietooth

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    LOT of new starters for the 9ers - gonna take time to gel i think
  9. steadypimpin

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    I hate when I hear people say "Norv is gone" I get it that it will hurt us a bit but we are running the same style offense so I dont think its gonna drop that much. He was only here a year, if they did so well in the first year with Norv, they should be ok with the new guy. I think we filled most all of our holes and the secondary looks insane. I cant wait for the season to start and see what this team can do.
  10. DoubleC

    DoubleC i'm ready now...

    That's just what I said... right after 'Norv's gone'. :cool:
  11. RetroDan#16

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    Lots to get excited about next season, as well as a lot to be tentative about. I would expect a steady improvement over last season (which pretty much went as expected really), and whilst I don't think we're top tier challengers just yet, after this year I would hope we would be in the top-of-the-middle-tier of teams.

    If the defense tightens up (it ought to!), and the young players step right in and perform, who knows; I will say I'm more excited about this season coming - I think the Niners had a great draft, one of the best in the league. The team has potential for sure, whether that potential is 2-3 years down the line remains to be seen.
  12. brakos82

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    I would mention something about the AFC being the supreme conference, but I think I'll keep it to myself. ;)
  13. TJ

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    The NFC West is like the Special Olympics of the NFL.
  14. RetroDan#16

    RetroDan#16 Resident Artiste

    Lol! I like that one.:D
  15. Walnuts

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    Yeah, it's funny cause its true :(

    Hey we will probably win the Special Olympics!! :p

    And Brakos, you may be in the superior conference, but the Texans would be cellar dwellers no matter where they play. Including, more than likely, some Pop Warner leagues.