49ers Coach Jim Harbaugh Admits Post-Handshake Confrontation On Him

Discussion in 'San Francisco 49ers' started by SRW, Oct 16, 2011.

  1. Jihad Joe

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    Well mush me and you may be talking about different things as well

    I dont have a problem about what was reported, if thats what truly happened

    Now if there was an "eat crap" or something to that effect, then Im on your side
  2. themush

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    Fair enough Sir.
  3. ollysj

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    So let's end every TD celebretion during the game. According to your logic, it's classless too. After the game, all players and coaches should be requested to go right into the lockerroom, calm w/o a little smile on their face, just to not piss off some pussies
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    Lions head coach just mad cause he quit on us
  5. October 28, 1997

    Los Angeles Times
  6. cKlass

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    This point is completely moot because those of us against this simply said the celebrating while shaking hands is what was classless. When is the last time someone scored a touchdown, shook the hand of a player on the opposing team and broke out in celebration while in the middle of the handshake? Don't worry, I'll wait.

    SN for the OP: 40 yards? Really? Maybe I didn't see a good enough angle but I call bull. I think 40 yards was said to hype up the issue.
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  7. Walnuts

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    When was the last time a player shook the hand of an opponent at all after a score? Thats a terrible example.

    I don't have a problem with what Harbaugh did but I understand why people would. Regardless, that doesnt excuse Schwartzes reaction. If you take exception to the actions of others, you shouldnt sink to that level to respond. Take the high road and walk away with some composure like a man, dont break down screaming like a girl and chase them off the field while everyone laughs at you. I was embarassed for him watching that pathetic display.
  8. cKlass

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    It's not an example because it NEVER had or will happen and the thought of any of it happening is ridiculous. That's why I said that. I was debunking Olly's logic, try to keep up OK sparky.
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  9. ollysj

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    They usually throw punches....

    I guess we ain't on the same page here. Dancing and slapping on the back of the oppenents coach, while shake his hand, makes you look dumb, no question. I'm talking about his overall celebration after the game, that according to Tiny Tim, makes him look childish. I can't see, why a coach shouldn't do this
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  10. Dragonite

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    1. It Makes you Look Pathetic
    2. It Makes you Look like a CHILD
    3. It Pisses off the Other team and alienates fans
    4. It CLEARLY causes fights
    5. Its about the length of a football field to a locker room where you won't be pissing people off and causing problems go act like a child there kay?
  11. cKlass

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    Yeah the overall celebration wasn't a big deal IMO just that celebrating while shaking the man's hand.
  12. Dragonite

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    I pretty much concur with this sentiment.
  13. ollysj

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    That is what I'm saying all this thread long.....
  14. smeags

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    its not like harbaugh hasnt proven to be a rod of a coach before. this is the same guy that went for two late in a game against usc while up by a ton.

    but whatever.
  15. Sweets

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    who freaking cares, really.....I'm sorry but if I can score 100 points because your team is too bad to keep up that's on your team not mine. I have no problem scoring as much as you can for as long as you can. If a coach is excited because the game he just played was talked about as maybe the game of the week so be it, if the coach wants to jump and run to the center of the field after the game, bfd...but if the other coach can't handle a "mans" hand shake and a slap on the back then quit coaching ya cat, don't run for "40yds" trying to say something to an excited coach. If he can't take it maybe all other coaches should refrain from shaking hands with Schwartz since he's such a girl. I love the fact that we finally have a coach that is excitable instead of the crap that has been going through the 49er front door in years past.
  16. smeags

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    singletary was pretty excitable too but he would've never been a rod like harbaugh was.

    did schwartz over react ? yeah but dont try and defend harbaugh. he is what he is.
  17. Sweets

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    who's defending Harbaugh, I just don't happen to agree with you guys about how he shook hands or slapped the back of Schwartz...If Schwartz was the 49er coach and got slapped and got his hand shook too hard I'd call him a cat for doing what he did on Sunday. Singletary was a doofus plain and simple and he was more concerned with being a cheerleader for the team then a coach but enough about him because he's where he should be.
  18. bandi

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    Yeah, I don't get why such a big deal was made out of this...mostly by Schwartz...I saw nothing wrong with Harbaughs handshake & thought it was pretty cool actually that he was so excited about the win...you all beat an undefeated team, he had a right to be happy about that IMO. :icon_cool:
  19. smeags

    smeags militant geek

    has schwartz said a word since ? its been the media and fans.

    i personally think this is being blown way way out of proportion. it was a heat of the moment situation by two coaches who are firey.
  20. ollysj

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    If the other team continue to score (or try it al least) I'm all for scoring too