49ers Coach Jim Harbaugh Calls NFL Rules On Read-Option QB's 'Flawed And Biased'

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    If you're an NFL quarterback and you're running the read-option this year, you're going to get hit. The league made it clear on Thursday that read-option quarterbacks will be treated -- and hit -- like runners this season.

    One person who has a big problem with that is 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh. On Friday, Harbaugh called the rule that makes read-option quarterbacks fair game, 'flawed and a bit biased.'

    "We could get into a long discussion about it..." Harbaugh said, before getting into a long discussion about it.

    "I believe that when a quarterback is handing a ball off or faking a ball, in the read-option case he's reading on an option play, he's as defenseless as a quarterback who's in the act of throwing," Harbaugh said. "And I'm not advocating that they don't hit the quarterback if he has the ball, but when he's in the pocket I believe there should be a strike zone. The same strike zone that is given to the quarterback when he's in the pocket and throwing the ball."

    Harbaugh seems to thinks the rule could lead to more injured quarterbacks.

    "I feel like you give a license now to players to hit quarterbacks at the knee or in the head, and it just seems to be a flip-flop of what the league's trying to get accomplished," Harbaugh said. "Players safety, I've heard [Falcons President and CEO and Competition Committee Chairman] Rich McKay talking about the Competition Committee looking into ways to reduce chop blocks or a player is getting hit at the knee and now you're really opening up a door and giving a license to defensive players to say, 'I couldn't tell if he clearly had the ball or not, so now we can hit him in the knee or the head.' It just, it doesn't make sense."

    Source: CBS Sports
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    Nice try using the new NFL 'QBs have a force field' around them approach, Jim

    Always liked you from back in the Chicago days but c'mon...

    QB's can't get protection from defenders on top of the play & force them to wait till they know you're a runner.

    Can't have your cake & eat it too...
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    The game is so close but so far away
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    Waaah, waaah, waaah. If you dont want your QB to get hit, dont run the read-option.
    I said it last year and Im going to say it again, once defenses get sick of the read-option and start laying out QBs who run it, the read-option will be done in the NFL.
    If nothing else, I feel like the Packers have already gotten in the heads of the Niners and have somewhat taken them off of their game. If Kaepernick is worried about taking a big hit and it makes him hesitate for a split second, thats all its going to take for the Packers' D to be disruptive and break up plays before they become big plays.
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    I'd agree, Badger, but of course, common sense goes out the window if the NFL decides they're not a runner.

    NFL 2013...the year the rules committee is known as the safety commission that changes things, not by season, but on a whim to prevent future litigation...
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    Lotta whining coming out of Baltimore and San Francisco already...
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    Imagine what a holiday dinner is like.
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    haha. reminds me of the old SNL skits about the family called 'The Whiners'