49ers Have Initial Talks With Ex-Broncos Coach Josh McDaniels

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  1. They met for 6.5 hours today, there seemed to be a deal in place for Jim Harbaugh to sign on as the 49ers’ next head coach and all Harbaugh had to do was sign the paper but he told 49ers owner Jed York and GM Trent Baalke that he had to at least listen to what Miami owner Steve Ross had to offer, and that’s about as close to Harbaugh as the 49ers might ever get. There are multiple reports that the Dolphins are set to offer Harbaugh a mind-bogglingly massive deal averaging $7M to $8M a year, which would possibly top Bill Belichick as the No. 1 deal among all NFL coaches. The 49ers, according to an NFL source, are prepared to offer Harbaugh about $5M per over five years and if Harbaugh gets that mega-offer from Miami, the source said, the 49ers are unlikely to go dollar-for-dollar and would be prepared to move on from Harbaugh. An NFL source indicated that York and Baalke already have had initial discussions with fired Denver coach Josh McDaniels.

    Source: San Jose Mercury News
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  2. So they could likely go from Harbaugh to McDaniels......paint it black.
  3. They'd be better off hiring a defensive minded coach like Perry Fewell, who was around Kevin Gilbride and could put together a quality offensive staff, than hiring McDaniels.
  4. And wasn't he involved in taping the 49ers' practice/walkthrough in London in October?

    This is "Freaky Friday" type crap going on right now.....
  5. May be some bit of good news.....


    Mornhinweg would be another solid candidate to replace Singletary.....he was the 49ers OC/QB coach under Steve Mariucci from 1997-2000 before taking the Lons head coaching job.

    Bill Walsh was also the GM at the time so Mornhinweg definitely knows the culture in the Bay Area.
  6. Sweets

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    Josh McDaniels??? wtf
  7. 86WARD

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    Agree Sweets...

    That would be a brutal hire. Brutal!
  8. Omen

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    Yes it would be but them again making harbrough the highest paid caoch is ridiculas imo he is unproven in the nfl.....just my thoughts
  9. CaptainStubing

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    mcdaniels should be forced back to being an assistant/coordinator for SEVERAL more years before getting another shot at HC ............ he still has a lot to learn before his 2nd time around.
  10. bandi

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    McDaniels is a good OC...but I wouldn't want him as my HC.
  11. My deepest sympathies sweets and the rest of you 49er fans. He appears to be heading here in Florida and coach the Dolphins.

    I really had Harbaugh pegged to the Bay Area throughout because of his ties there and it just seemed to be the most logical choice.

    With this and along with McDaniels being mentioned as a candidate for the Niners job is just one bad, cruel joke.
  12. bambam

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    Would've been great to have McD as OC. But looks like Jed is confirming that he is still too green to effectively run an organization.
  13. CaptainStubing

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    at this point, it's pretty obvious the niners are just looking to hire a 'name', whether it's the right guy for the job or not.
  14. TOP DAWG

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    Agreed, and that's the position I see him ending up with somewhere after all the head coach positions are filled.

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