49ers Inform All NFL Teams FS Taylor Mays Is Available For Trade

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    Eh, Last year I agree with you but I think Stephan Tulloch and Justin Durant are pretty good upgrades this year. D'andre Levy though injury prone has been pretty good too. I just hope all 3 can stay on the field.
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    Definitely would give up a 6, maybe a 5...
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    I'm a USC guy, and I'm here to tell you... This was one of the most overrated players in the last decade of college football. Second coming of Roy Williams except twice as athletic and half as smart
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    wrong. That's EXACTLY why he was a second round pick. Dude laid the lumber in college. Thats it. Rarely made an impact play in games.

    Go ahead and buy into the hype. So long as it isn't my team.
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    i was a notorious mays hater back then, the idea of him in the first made me cringe. i dont think hes a very good DB but i think some teams could use him either at SS in some schemes or at weakside linebacker, but i guess im just feeding into the hype? lol get that crap outta here

    he might lack safety coverage skills but i have zero doubt on his ability to cover backs and TEs....if woodley and ware can do it, mays should be able to do it blindfolded...its all about scheme with him
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    What makes you think he could succeed? Because he is ripped and fast, right? Because he hasn't done a thing on the field to convince anyone of that.

    You think Harbaugh would send him packing after seeing him in camp for a few days if he had any hope he could play and succeed anywhere on the field? lol

    With our lack of depth at safety, I'm a little worried Reid might bite. Hope he is busy with other things to not entertain this craziness.
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    he was a 4 year starter at USC, that didnt happen by accident. a position change might be all he needs, he probably will have to pack on a few pounds but hes still got potential thats all im saying. harbaugh isnt the guy to do it i guess, but im sure someone can make him an effective asset
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    I would love to see it. He's a Seattle boy and a Pac 10 (12) guy, I'd love nothing more than to see him succeed.

    Maybe make him a strict pass rusher in a 3-4 after an extra 20 pounds were put on him? I don't know. Something that doesn't require a whole lot of thinking or football smarts.
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    hes up to 244, thats pretty gigantic for him. id like to see him tried out at LB, because he really is pretty clueless in over the top coverage.

    reports are saying they are being very aggressive in trying to trade him in the hopes that they wont have to cut him, reports arent promising for him and his future but id really like to see him be effective somewhere
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    6th or 7th round pick can't hurt anyone too much. I'm sure they will get someone to bite.