49ers, Jim Harbaugh Could Be Near An Agreement On A $6M Per Year Deal?

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  1. Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reports that the "strong signal" out of San Francisco is that Jim Harbaugh is in "strong" talks with the Niners to get a deal done tonight that would pay him over $6 million per year. The reports surrounding the Harbaugh situation have whirled in about 100 directions today, and it's anybody's guess as to what he'll actually do. Miami's record offer was turned down, and QB Andrew Luck's return to Stanford would seemingly make the university an attractive option for Harbaugh. Of course, he still has a scheduled interview with the Broncos, so we'd be surprised if he actually made a decision tonight. At this point, nothing about this story would be surprising.

    Source: RotoTimes
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  2. I'll be glad when Harbaugh finally makes up his mind.

    I'm starting to feel like his Ed Werder.....lol
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  3. Apparently York has some guts after all and upped the ante.....:peace:
  4. Me too dude......me too.

    Jay Glazer: Twitter.com
  5. I think the 49ers may have to give Harbaugh what Miami was offering to finally get this done along with personnel control.
  6. Teams last year weren't fighting over Pete Carroll like this.....and he won two National Championships. lol
  7. Jim Harbaugh.....your the next contestant on The Price Is Right!

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8iOmVd1W_g]YouTube - The Price is Right, Extended Theme[/ame]
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    A whole lot of hype over a college coach who's never coached boys who play for pay. It's a different gig, Jumbo. Right, Pete?
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    He'll be the coach of the NIners at the end of the day...the rest of this is just filler material...
  10. A decision should be made today.....then we can all get on with our lives. lol
  11. Eric Stangel: Twitter.com
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    49ers are paying him way to much money for not yet having proven anything. One word describes it though....desperation!!!
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    Stanford has also upped their money enticement so there is a good chance he eventually stays @ Stanford.
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  15. The 49ers got him Sweets at a base salary of $5M annually.....their original offer. :icon_cool:
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    And now if York will just get out of the way the 49er's should own the NFC West next year.