49ers LB Ahmad Brooks Takes Self From Game

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    San Francisco 49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks, who did not seem to take a liking to the reduction in his playing time caused by Aldon Smith's return to the lineup, illustrated his displeasure by taking himself out of Sunday's 16-10 win over the New York Giants, according to multiple media reports.

    Brooks did not play in the second half and played only the first two-plus series. He confirmed after the game that he is healthy.

    "We're working through something," Niners coach Jim Harbaugh said.

    At his locker after the game, Brooks declined to comment on his situation.

    "I'm not taking questions today," he said. "Maybe later in the week. ... Yeah, we're working through something."


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    And coming into the season out of shape and being outplayed by a rookie all year ... guess I'd be mad about having to split play time too
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    Why did you do that, Mr. Brooks?