49ers P Andy Lee Has Been Playing With A Broken Thumb Since Week 1

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    Who says punters aren’t tough?

    Today, Andy Lee said he’s been playing with a broken thumb since Week 1, when he sustained the injury while attempting to tackle Green Bay’s Randall Cobb during a 75-yard punt return for a touchdown.

    Lee said his broken digit made holding for extra points and field goals difficult. On punts, he felt a shooting pain when he received snaps from Brian Jennings. Lee was wearing a splint on his thumb today, but said the issues related to his thumb are behind him.

    “It was painful,†Lee said. “I’d say the biggest issue that I had was catching the ball cleanly on holds. Once I caught it, getting it down and messing with it wasn’t a big deal.â€

    Source: San Francisco Chronicle
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    It still may greatly affect his ability to hitch-hike or do imitations of The Fonz.

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