49ers QB Alex Smith Considering Changing Agents

Discussion in 'San Francisco 49ers' started by SRW, Mar 17, 2012.

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    Quarterback Alex Smith, according to a league source, is considering changing agents. Tom Condon has been Smith’s agent since he was the top overall selection in 2005, and has done several contracts with the 49ers for Smith. But Condon is also the agent for Peyton Manning, the player the 49ers are now courting. Thus, it makes sense for Smith to seek different representation because of the obvious conflict of interest. The 49ers are one of three teams Manning is considering along with the Broncos and Titans.

    Source: San Francisco Chronicle
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    haha. i love it when agents get their tit in a ringer .............
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    I might be the only 9er fan that hopes Alex stays. Don't get me wrong but one good hit from docket who is pissed that Manning turned down the cards and Manning is finished.

    Droid x. 49ers
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    There's a tweet floating out there that the Niners offered him a deal...
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    I disreguard what I said, if this report is true and the 9ers are paying Alex that much Condon should get a raise and be everyones agent. lol.

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