49ers QB Alex Smith Feels Good In Recovering From Concussion

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    Alex Smith said Wednesday he tried to "blink off" the vision problems that started to affect him in the second quarter of Sunday's game against the Rams. But the 49ers quarterback said the issues only got worse, and he soon realized he'd be of no value to his team.

    "It's tough to play quarterback without your eyes," Smith said after taking part in a noncontact practice. " … All of a sudden, there was a bunch of things out there that I couldn't make out. I just felt like I couldn't help the team out there."

    Smith said the concussion symptoms he suffered Sunday, especially blurry vision, were similar to what he felt after a Week 2 game against the Cowboys last year when he also was diagnosed with a concussion. Smith played in the following game last season.

    But this week's episode has been more severe, Smith said, and the symptoms also included headaches and nausea. "Last year was not even close to this," he said.

    Source: Sacramento Bee

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