49ers QB Alex Smith Still Has A Long Way To Go

Discussion in 'San Francisco 49ers' started by SweetShot03, Dec 21, 2009.

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    After he threw his third interception of the first half, 49ers QB Alex Smith's was stopped by Mike Singletary before he could reach the San Francisco sideline. The coach put his arm around Smith and began scolding him. Smith pointed to his head, signaling it was his fault. The former No. 1 overall pick later said he doesn't remember what Singletary told him, only that it wasn't "a real positive conversation." Given a second chance to change his fate, Smith has not instilled a great deal of hope in San Francisco that he can still become a franchise quarterback.

    Source: Prosportsdaily.com
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    It's been five years...I mean...really?
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    many of us had hopes that smith's time on the bench gave him time to get his head straight. his initial start back in the league gave some promise but as we had more time to watch him, it became painfully clear that he was still alex smith.
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    Not really. He has had 2 statistically bad games. Also, 5 years means nothing when you are injured or on the bench. Dude has played less than 3 seasons worth of games and was an obvious project player coming out of college. You don't draft a project player and throw it away within 3 years, especially if it seems to be getting together.
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    Two words.......Norv Turner
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    You like A. Smith under center and think he should be the starter next season? i think you're in the minority at this point but we will see how he does if they keep him under center.

    personally, i don't think smith has 'it'. if you've ever wondered what people are talking about when they say a player has or doesn't have 'it' in the nfl, they're referring to having balls. smith just seems to fall apart in pressure situations. he's not the type of guy who is going to help a team win games, which is what this league is all about. he can manage a lead if he's got a good running back that's going to carry most of the pressure in that situation. he can use his athletic skills when defenses go soft because they're up by 20+. however, in a tie ball game or if his team is behind by a little bit and needs smith to make a play, he's going to puke all over himself.

    Alex Smith = Tarvaris Jackson, in my opinion.
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    i got one question for you stubing... were the eagles playing soft when alex smith threw that td pass in the 3rd?
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    One pass in a game against a team like the Eagles..wow...Alex Smith sucks, deal with it.
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    any real fan would see the positive things he has done since becoming the starter. he made a nice butt throw in a tight window on sunday. he had the time needed to make the read. he has it. yes he has balls. if you were paying attention during those ints he had no freaking time and brett farve'd it except for the mikell int. he studied that play. you can tell. now if can gety some o-line help and keep jimmy raye we could be seeing a top notch offense soon.
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    Spare me the "Real fan" crap, he has bad mechanics just watch his feet when he throws, if you were paying attention I wouldn't have to tell you that Alex Smith is a shot gun QB only, his throws are no where near the receivers most of the time and stop blaming the Oline for every bad pass people like you are a broken record. I love the 49ers but picking Smith in 05 was a bad pick that we're still enduring 5 years later. Keep Jimmy Raye??? him of all people should see that Smith needs help not another play call...if you were watching the games like you say you are then tell me what QB can hold the ball for 5 seconds and NOT get handed their buttholes by the defense.
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  13. CaptainStubing

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    well, sweets has pointed out his mechanics and i question his ability to make plays when his team needs him and slimy thinks it's just the O-line.

    Maybe the 49ers will cut him loose and he will go start for a team with a better O-line next year and we will know for sure ............... cleveland has a much better o-line and they need a qb ...........
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    Making the letters bigger doesn't make it the oline the only part at fault dude but whatever gets you through the night. I'm not saying our Oline is good but Alex doesn't have good mechanics and a lot of the time he has enough time but throws wrong but you refuse to see any opinion other than your own.
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    Slim3y you know football like kosher Jews no pork, which is very little. Smith has piss poor mechanics and less than stellar arm strength. He struggles to take snaps from center and that takes out the best offensive weapon the 9ers have in Frank Gore.
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    A long way to go? A LONG WAY TO GO???

    Jesus, I'm no Star Trek fan or crap, but come on... the Enterprise had a long way to go when it took off from earth to whatever crapty planet they were headed to... This freaking bust's path to become competent (let alone serviceable or good) is waay longer than that!!!

    You talk bad OL Slimey? I can list most of the things that are wrong with this POS.

    *Bad mechanics, as pointed out above.
    *Piss poor accuracy.
    *Zero touch on his passes. All of them are thrown as hard as he can send them.
    *Terribly ssssssssslowwwwwwww ball release.
    *Can't read a freaking defense to save his life.
    *Stares down the receiver because, again, he can't freaking read a defense to save his life.
    *Never looks off the defenders because, once again, he can't freaking read a defense to save his life.
    *Has the horrible habit of rolling out to his right and throw an incomplete pass out of bonds every other play. You'd think he'd learn to step up in the pocket to avoid the outside rush every once in a while, but no!
    *Works "better" out in the shotgun, thus eliminating the strong part of our offense: the running game.
    *Hell... "works better", I meant to say it as if I said "he absolutely sucks when dropping back".
    *Good, long drives? One per game... two tops if we get lucky with him. The rest of them he goes three and out, or gets a lucky first down, then fails to keep moving the chains... punt. But oh, the niners defense takes the ball away, put our offense on the 30 yard line, and somehow the bust gets all the credit for the score.
    *Leadership? Zero. Horrible body language when things don't go his way (which happens about every game).
    *His athleticism is soooo overrated. No running threat whatsoever. Even Shaun Hill has kept some crucial drives alive by tucking the ball and running with it.
    *Best season, with a strong running game and a cautious, little risk passing scheme? 16 TDs, 16 INTs, 74.8 passer rating. This year with a spread shotgun offense, taking away the running game? 16 TDs, 12 INTs, 78.5 rating. Can't freaking crack the 80 mark!!!!!!

    Really... worst part, people could add a few more negatives about this freaking bust.
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    Watch out Fezzy you're sounding like me, "not a REAL fan"....:lmao:
  18. Fez

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    I love the "real fan" card... it's something you'd hear from NinerJan.
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    Now tell us how you really feel

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    Nate Davis has a long way to go, but he is a guy that I think can develope into a quality NFL starter, might take two or 3 years before he is ready. A guy that had no business coming out his JR year.

    In terms of talent, he is on par with the 1st round QB's, and is supposed to be a strong leader. I wanted him in the draft instead of McGee
  20. Fez

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    Nate Davis, the return of Shaun Hill... I hate to say it but I'm at the point where I want any QB starting for my team except this freaking bust.

    (Ok not really... Chris Weinke, stop raising your hand, please).