49ers QB Colin Kaepernick Takes Blame For Loss To The Seahawks

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    Colin Kaepernick was the driving force in the San Francisco 49ers' sprint to the Super Bowl last year. The quarterback failed to provide the same spark this time around.

    After rushing for 100 yards in the first half and throwing a memorable touchdown pass to put his team ahead in the third quarter, Kaepernick crumbled with three fourth-quarter turnovers in a 23-17 loss to the Seattle Seahawks in the NFC Championship Game.

    Kaepernick took the blame for the Niners' loss, their first in over two months.

    "I didn't play good enough to win," he said. "I turned the ball over three times. I cost us this game."

    A Kaepernick turnover ended each of the Niners' final three possessions, starting with a lost fumble on a sack by Cliff Avril with 10:17 to play. On the second play of San Francisco's next drive, Kaepernick was picked off by Kam Chancellor on a sideline pass intended for Anquan Boldin. Kaepernick said he thought he could "put it over (Chancellor's) head."

    Kaepernick's final mistake sunk San Francisco. Down six and inside Seattle's 30-yard line with 30 seconds to play, Kaepernick targeted Michael Crabtree in the back corner of the end zone. Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman -- who you'll probably hear from over these next two weeks -- deflected the ball away from Crabtree and into the hands of linebacker Malcolm Smith. Game over.

    Source: NFL.com
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    As he should. He made some terrible throws and terrible decisions out there.
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    He looked like Romo.
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    The correct saying is "He went full Romo"
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    All I know is he couldn't deliver when he was on the biggest stage.
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    It's good that he took accountability.
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    Yep, its good that he took the blame. If he had avoided some blatant mistakes, they may have won. he showed his youth, as did Wilson.

    However, i would like to mention that the 49ers may not have even been in that ball game at all if not for some big plays by kaep. Its not as if gore was shredding their front 7 and boldin and Crabtree were running wild in their secondary.

    That was a tough defensive ball game and kaep forced some things that he shouldn't have forced but he still made a lot of plays too