49ers TE Vernon Davis Looking For A New Deal?

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    Just because tight end Vernon Davis, one of only two 49ers not participating in the team's voluntary offseason workouts, is absent doesn't mean he can't make some news. [Davis] is apparently hoping to leverage his high-profile absence into a new contract. Davis, who has two years remaining on a lucrative deal he signed before the 2010 season opener, is remaining away from the 49ers' organized workout program due to dissatisfaction with his contract, a source indicated to CSNBayArea.com. ... [Davis] is sacrificing his annual $200,000 workout bonus with his absence, said a source familiar with Davis' deal. The 49ers' mandatory minicamp is scheduled for June 17-19. Any player who chooses not to attend the minicamp is subject to a fine up to $60,000.

    Source: CSN Bay Area
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    how has his play been? If he was crappy they would come to him with a pay cut so turn about fair play. Also, anything to kick sand in the vag of Whiney Harbaugh.

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    Vernon's worried because they've amassed the best WR crew on paper since he's been there, that his opportunities are going to dip and when it is a contract year for him he won't be able to cash in as much. Whereas last year he had the most TDs on the team. I think it'd be smrat to resign him, because they could restructure to take some pressure off the next couple year's caps to make it easier to resign Kap and Crabs and hopefully Iupati.