49ers, TE Vernon Davis Working On A Contract Extension

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  1. Two league sources told Comcast SportsNet Bay Area the 49ers and tight end Vernon Davis' camp are working toward a contract extension. According to the two independent sources, Davis' side is asking for a five-year, $40 Million contract with $25 Million in guaranteed money. While a contract that averages $8 Million a year is considered high, it is a reasonable enough starting point for the sides to continue their discussions. It benefits Davis sign a long-term contract now before running the risk of injury through another season. And the 49ers can get Davis at a better price now than if he were to put together back-to-back outstanding seasons and hit the open market as an unrestricted free agent.

    Source: Comcast SportsNet Bay Area
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  2. mtzninersfan

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    I love how the guy from the Mercury news was saying the 49ers couldnt afford Davis since they resigned Willis...uhh no beleive or not the 49ers these days are pretty responsible with thier cap and arent going to let go of a TE that can block and just tied the TD record for TEs in a season.
  3. K Train

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    he was higher paid than gates when he signed his rookie year, now hes hands don the best TE in the league after a slow start. pay the man
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  5. DoubleC

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    I'd have added "after Dallas Clark".
  6. K Train

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    idk, he just crushed with alex freaking smith throwing him the ball, could you imagine him on the colts?

    hes not the most "complete" buts hes definitely the best receiver and hes just hitting stride
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    Why isnt he complete? He has always been a excelent blocker and for this last season he tied the record for TDs by a TE.
  8. Sweets

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    Maybe because he still has too many droppies
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    He's just beginning to fulfill his potential and he's getting better :icon_eek: He's a team cap now, taking Ginn under his wing to get him motivated to blow it up, PAY HIM and lets get a championship!!!!!!!!!
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    :lola: :Loco: :pointlaugh: :drunk1: