49ers Very Happy With Josh Morgan As Their No.2 WR

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    The 49ers are “very happyâ€￾ with WR Josh Morgan starting opposite Michael Crabtree, according to the Santa Rosa Press Democrat. It's surprising to anyone who's been around the 49ers that Morgan's stock fell leading up to the 2008 draft because of so-called "character concerns" from his time at Virginia Tech since he has been great in the locker room, and a tremendous team player. Morgan has worked hard and continued to show steady improvement in his two NFL seasons (He caught 28 of his 52 passes in the final six games of last season) and he's made a commitment to help the team any way possible - whether it's with his blocking or his tutoring of teammates.

    Source: Santa Rosa Press Democrat
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    i think josh needs to work on his anger management. VD had to pull him away from someone
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