49ers WR Randy Moss Won’t Say If He’ll Return

Discussion in 'San Francisco 49ers' started by SRW, Jan 19, 2013.

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    On Friday, Jim Harbaugh said he “definitely†wanted future Hall of Fame receiver Randy Moss to return to the 49ers next season, but he was less definitive about his future plans.

    “We’ll know once the season’s over, bro,†he said.

    With the 49ers readying for the NFC Championship Game against the Falcons on Sunday, Moss is two wins from earning the first Super Bowl title of his 14-year career. The quest for a championship presumably had a role in his return this season after a one-year “retirement.â€

    “For official publication, I, for one, definitely want Randy to come back,†Harbaugh said. “Hope he feels the same way.â€

    Moss, who will turn 36 in February, matched career-lows in receptions (28) and touchdowns (three) this season, but did rank second on the team in yards per reception (15.5). Off the field, he’s been hailed as a model teammate and has been credited for aiding the development of Michael Crabtree, who became the 49ers’ first 1,000-yard wide receiver since 2003 this season.

    Source: San Francisco Chronicle
  2. CaptainStubing

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    if he finally gets the elusive ring, he should hang it up. i know that's easier said than done though.
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    I agree. I haven't really been a fan of Moss but I hope he gets a ring.
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    So much talk of Lewis going out on top but no one is talking about Moss. It's rather safe to call him a first ballot HOFer as well... isn't it? Why can't he go out on top?
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    well, i think from the soap-opera drama spinners, they would say Moss was never and still is not the 'inspirational' leader of a team.

    in this case, though, i'm sure Moss would love to retire with a ring. if he does get that 1st ring, will he be inclined to come back and try for a 2nd, though?

    sometimes it's hard for these players to hang it up.

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    From what I've learned of Moss throughout his career, he's always been a great teammate, but not great at public speaking :icon_cheesygrin:
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    49ers WR Randy Moss Won’t Say If He’ll Return

    Great point!! I'm on board...

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