7 Reasons Why The Bengals Will Beat The Eagles

Discussion in 'NFL Smack Central' started by Mr. D, Nov 16, 2008.

  1. Mr. D

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    sorry for being late on this but what a week, been sick and then after getting un sick I went out drinking last night so I never got around to doing this. but better late than never

    1. My 7 reason losing streak is over
    2. I started my 7 reasons just a day before the game against the Jaguars in which we won
    3. Ocho, TJ, CH, Utech > any Reciever/TE combo The Feagles can come up with
    4. Even Fitz is better than McChoke
    5. Cedric Benson is a Beast (last game he proved it)
    6. The Bengals are well rested, and ready to continue there winning ways
    7. Chad Ocho Cinco did say we will end Ocho - Ocho

    ha there we go :icon_cool:
  2. Mike

    Mike Want some Cheetos?

    this one wasnt really funny
  3. Mr. D

    Mr. D WINNING!!

    forgive me I'm coming up with something at the last min here lol
  4. DawkinsINT

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    I'm soooo disappointed. :icon_sad:
  5. brakos82

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    Well, you were half right...
  6. hermhater

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  7. ball in the baskett

    ball in the baskett First Team All Pro

    lol in the game thread i said the team that sucks less is gonna win and obviously they suck evenly.
  8. mj1987us26

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    I'm sorry but how can the eagles tie the bungels with a healthy westbrook?
  9. mike oxlong

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    A. Westbrook wasn't and isn't healthy
    B. McFagg sucks Reid's Vanilla Salty Balls
  10. ball in the baskett

    ball in the baskett First Team All Pro

    Westbrook really isnt healthy his ankle and ribs still bother him you could tell he doesent have the same burst.
  11. ravenfan52

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    is either team really satisfied with a tie? oh wait, that was a dumbass question. are the eagles really satisfied with a tie? :icon_cheesygrin:
  12. phiglesphan

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    No...we aren't....not even close
  13. Mr. D

    Mr. D WINNING!!

    would you be satisfied If I told you I believed everything I put up there to be true?