7 Reasons Why The Bengals Will Beat The J-E-T-S

Discussion in 'NFL Smack Central' started by Mr. D, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. Mr. D

    Mr. D WINNING!!

    ok now we got a game that means something, let me see if I can pull this one out of my ass

    1. Bengals Defense will force Sanchez to pass to Hall/Rivers/and or JJ
    2. Palmer will have Receivers actually catching the ball this time
    3. Chad Johnson will be back
    4. Peko and Crocker will show the J-E-T-S what's what on Defense
    5. Bengals will show up and put the Jets in their place
    6. Benson will be starting and ready to pile through that Jet Defense
    7. The Game is in PBS

    This time do as I say Bengals *stickhit*
  2. Crowned

    Crowned Doesn't give a shit.

  3. RichLikeWh0a

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  4. theeraser21

    theeraser21 u r a slapdick

    You actually make a point about the forcing the Jets to throw, but I don't think the Bengals can stop the Jets run, exp. since Sims is out
  5. Mr. D

    Mr. D WINNING!!

    sims is out yes peko is in, Crocker is in
  6. ravenfan52

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    Jets will beat 'em. Good.
  7. Mr. D

    Mr. D WINNING!!

    just worry about brady to moss all day long sunday rf52
  8. theeraser21

    theeraser21 u r a slapdick

    We will see
  9. Three7s

    Three7s 1st Stringer


    I haven't been impressed with the Bengals this season, but if they stop the Jets running game, they'll probably win.
  10. Mr. D

    Mr. D WINNING!!

    I had it right, he said and I quote

    "If Revis shuts me down I'm going to change my name back to Johnson"

    someone asked the question to his app

    "Do you think revis beat you? So what's with the name changing?

    "Chad: He's the best easily-round 2 Saturday- CHAD JOHNSON till then"
  11. bandi

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    And if the Bengals don't beat the Jets, Mr. D will have nothing to post till next season. :icon_cheesygrin:
  12. ravenfan52

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    WELL, WELL, WELL, I must say with my sincerest condolences:

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rX7wtNOkuHo&feature=related]YouTube - Nelson[/ame]
  13. URL54MVP

    URL54MVP Pro Bowler

    Only needed one reason by the Bengirls would lose to the Jets........because they are still the Bengirls. No matter how you slice it. Longer playoff victory drought than Detroit. Man that is sad. The freaking Lions have won a playoff game more recently than Cincy. L-O-L
  14. Mike

    Mike Want some Cheetos?

    and the bungels fail AGIAN
  15. BU54

    BU54 1st Stringer

    The last 3-4 weeks the Bengals have gone down hill fast and it continued yesterday despite a great rushing effort from Cedric Benson 21-169yds.
    Palmer = :icon_rolleyes:
  16. markaz

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    Too bad GIF doesn't have a question "Recall" option.
  17. Crowned

    Crowned Doesn't give a shit.

    Here's my analysis.
  18. Mr. D

    Mr. D WINNING!!

    I thought you knew me better then that *stickhit*
    Bengals* and those so called Bengirls as you call them still put a whoopen on those Bears 45-10, and I'm so glad you mentioned those lions. they are the only reasons why the Bears aren't in last place right now in their division L-O-L
    yeah can't really much argue that. they should have stuck with the run game Saturday. to many mistakes in the wrong game.

    again can't much argue what you said in that. I shall follow up with the 7 reasons why the Bengals Lost the game

    1. Shayne "Piece of crap" Graham
    2. Marvin Lewis Challenging the wrong calls as usual
    3. Chad dropping a ball that would have been a TD
    4. Shayne "Piece of crap" Graham
    5. Bratkowski's play calling
    6. The Defense fell apart
    7. oh and yeah of course MIKE BROWN
  19. hermhater

    hermhater Guest

    Good sport man.
  20. FamousGuy909

    FamousGuy909 Ticket Scalper

    Bengals were the worst team in the playoffs, they laid down the last week of the season, and got served in the WC, be careful what you wish for...