7 Reasons Why The Bengals Will Beat The Ratbirds

Discussion in 'NFL Smack Central' started by Mr. D, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. Mr. D

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    oh go blow yourself, he'll do better next week for your little fantasy game
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    if i could i wouldn't be wasting keystrokes on this place.
  3. Crowned

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    I agree with that

    No matter what the Bengals record is there offense is always a threat to wake up and put up a big game thats why I hate playing them

    MRAVEN 1st Stringer

    And you called me delusional...:laughy32: :laughy32: :laughy32: :laughy32:
    Princess,your team got schooled on both sides of the ball.

    Screwin' stats?Your a paper tiger...nothin' more.
  5. Mr. D

    Mr. D WINNING!!

    The Ravens won't be so lucky next time

    only side of the field the Ravens are good on is the Defense

    Yes you are Delusional, this was an upset win the Ravens pulled off

    oi I better do this sometime

    The 7 Reasons why The Bengals Lost to the Ratbirds

    1. The Ravens Defense proved why they are The Ravens Defense once again
    2. Chris Perry replaced Rudi Johnson in every way including how to fumble the ball
    3. The Bengals Defense... need I say more?
    4. Our Offense was not clicking very well
    5. It's Ocho Cinco's time of the month
    6. Mike Brown still owns the team
    7. Marvin Lewis is still our Coach

    MRAVEN 1st Stringer

    Leave it to someone from what the military refers to as "OHIO" to spin some bullcrap like that.
    Not scorin' is suddenly "not clickin'"?
    Ravens D shut your O down completely.Crap my QB had more yards than your RB in less carries.
    Your WR's should be shoppin' for spines,as soon as our LB,s started smackin' 'em at the line of scrimmage they curled up like the whiny lil' snitches they are.
    Nice try Mr. Spinmiester,and as always,thanx for playin'.
  7. Mr. D

    Mr. D WINNING!!

    I gave your Defense props already I don't need to do anymore

    even with your Defense being as great as it is, The Bengals Offense normally do better then they did yesterday even if not by much against that kind of Defense

    so no I didn't spin anything

    MRAVEN 1st Stringer

    One would hope that they "normally" do better....cause yesterday they didn't do crap.
    Only Govt. employees are supposed to get paid for doin' absolutely nothin'.
  9. ravenfan52

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    The way I see it, if the Bengals Offense was considered on of the "best" (:icon_rolleyes:) in the league Saturdau, but come Sunday, they suck my ass, they're not still the "best" in the league. They are not what you thought they were. They're pathetic and in need of much chemistry until further notice.

    The Bengals offense is OVERRATED and is nothing compared to the Ravens' D and they proved it yesterday.

    1. Flacco outplayed Palmer by a LOT yesterday.
    2. Housh and Chad combined for 3 catches; Derrick Mason had 4.
    3. he had three tackles, tipped an interception, and didn't get re-injured.
    4. And that really means nothing.
    5. And he exceeded expectations with a more-than-stellar performance.
    6. And with a new coaching staff, and a bunch of new players, that again means NOTHING and is a meaningless intangible.
    7. He didn't play leaving two rookies to steal the show and put on great performances.

    what an excellent argument.

    2. Perry wasn't the difference in the game.
    4. understatement of the year
    6 & 7. Didn't seem to mention that before. Makin' sorry excuses. Had nothing to do with THIS game. didn't say "oh they may not win bc of brown and marvin". hindsight is 20/20. such bullcrap. :icon_rolleyes: Enjoy wearing that avatar as a reminder for the next week WHY YOUR TEAM SUCKS AND THE RAVENS RULE ALL!
  10. Mr. D

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    they do normally do better, they have proved it, yesterday's game only proved that the Ravens Defense is back unlike last year.

    The way you see it is a Joke, The Bengals Offense is still considered one of the "BEST" in the league, They do not suck, every team has an off day, especially when they go up against a Defense like the Ravens Defense. but lets get back to how you describe the Bengals Offense

    in one hand you say they suck and are Overrated, but you want to praise your Defense

    you can't say both, because either the Bengals offense is great and got stopped by a Great Defense or The Bengals Offense is overrated and suck and the Ravens isn't great they just went up against an overrated offense, so what they did can't be considered great cause it is expected to beat an overrated offense

    1. Put Flacco and Palmer in the other QB's position and Flacco wouldn't even get 10 passing yards off, while Palmer would have doubled Flacco's Stats

    it's a Difference going up against The Bengals Defense or The Ravens Defense.

    2. Housh and Chad didn't go up against there own Defense again it's only proving what everyone knows The Bengals Defense still suck while The Ravens Defense is back to normal

    3. go to that eagles post reason why I said what I said about Reed lol

    5-7 go back to my reply to the eagles fan and just hope you don't expect 100% seriousness on my reasons lol as you can see I can easily be proven wrong. I just do this for pure fun, just making sure you don't believe that I went on this thread believing I believed I had no shot at being proven wrong :lol:

    why thank you *nut*

    2. no he wasn't but he sure did follow Rudi's Footsteps so I had to mention that
    4. no crap lol
    6 & 7 of course I didn't mention that before, I wouldn't need to if they did what they should have done and won, I'm going to make up stupid excuses to insult my team why they lost.

    The Bengals do not SUCK

    and the Ravens surly don't Rule

    The Bengals got beat fair and square this week, but at the end of the season No matter what position the Bengals end up in, it won't be dead last

    *not that I haven't been proven wrong before crap can happen lol*

    but like you have faith in your Ravens I got faith in my Bengals
  11. MRAVEN

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    There's definatly somethin' in the water up there in OHIO...for a moment I thought I was readin' a Clown fan post.
    Be careful Mr.D...(I'm guessin' D is for delusional),you might wanna switch to some Deer Park.
  12. Susielr

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    LOL...Just for the record...
    Mr. D doesn't live in Ohio. I think he lives in Arkansas.
  13. Mr. D

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    Check a profile before responding, I have only been in Ohio once my entire life

    Not from there just because one roots for a Team in Ohio does not mean they are from there

    I ain't from the place I live now either, I now Reside in Arkansas, but Born and raised in California

    Not Delusional buddy, but the Ravens won't be doing so great, if there Defense keeps up they may end up in 3rd if they are lucky, you need an offense as well

    best hope what there Defense did Sunday was due to them being great and not The Bengals Offense still having trouble clicking from this offseason crap that has gone off

    because if it is the latter then the Ravens Season will go down bad
  14. MRAVEN

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    So with that post "D" is for delusional....thanx for confirmin'.
    Anywho,guess we weren't watchin' the same game yesterday.If we were, you must have missed the "Old School" football show we put on runnin' the ball.
    That constitutes Offense last time I checked.
    The Ravens have won over the years playin' ugly football,smash mouth football.Crap in our SB year we went 5 games without a TD.
    Why change now.
    Old School Football rules.Screw the pretty teams like NE,Colts yada,yada.I'll take smash mouth football over that pretty boy crap every day.
  15. ravenfan52

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    Let me guess: to watch the Bengals SUCK some butt.

    that was just a bit of HOMER SMACK! BEST KIND O' SMACK THERE EVER WAS!!!
  16. BmoreDavy

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    35.2 Passer rating, nuff said?
  17. Mr. D

    Mr. D WINNING!!

    You don't have much of an offense lets see your offense go up against a good Defense let alone a Great Defense, another team would have put up more points against our Defense

    Old School, your Defense is great, last year proved it was only rendered with Injuries as people believed.

    That being said does not hinder the fact that the Bengals Offense is one of the Best Offenses there is flat out

    no I went to watch The Bengals Offense put up 41 points against San Diego's Defense while the Defense put up 49 against San Diego's Offense

    where as SD's Defense is Ranked up there with Baltimore. I believe they were ranked right under Baltimore.

    the other Bengal Game I watched was In San Diego where I lived at the time when the Bengals Beat the Chargers

    Yes Homer Smack indeed but at least Saying the Bengals Suck isn't that truthful, The Bengals may have some problems like Defense but they Don't Suck, as far as the Ravens Ruling you can ask about anyone *not a Raven fan* 95% will tell you how much they don't rule
  18. MRAVEN

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    Had more than enough to beat the likes of the Bungles.
    Had Heap not had an unprecedented bad day....it would've been a whole lot uglier for you.
    How 'bout you do somethin' easy....check the time of possession and get back to me and tell me "I have no offense"...
    Let me give you a hint Nancy....My O was on the field longer than my D.
    Spin that flopbutt.
  19. Mr. D

    Mr. D WINNING!!

    Correction Your Defense stopped our Offense giving them plenty of time to do something and they had a lot of time to do something.

    if you didn't have the Defense you did have you wouldn't have done enough to get past the Bengals
  20. MRAVEN

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    Oh you silly heckin' man....Marvin went for it on 4th down(bad choice)....hadn't been able to run the ball all day.He chose to go for it instead of kickin' a field goal.Is your head coach that stupid,that after 50 minutes of not bein' able to run the ball,that all of the sudden we(the Ravens) were gonna NOT STOP THE RUN.
    It goes way beyond your goofy players.
    When you deal with that,come and talk to me Mary.