7 Reasons Why The Bengals Will Beat The Ratbirds

Discussion in 'NFL Smack Central' started by Mr. D, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. Mr. D

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    Silly (Insert a curse word) man Marvin went for it on 4th down yes he is that stupid, but then again it's not like he hasn't made that mistake before, does that mean your offense is better? no it does not, it means you still lack an effective offense when facing a good Defense, you only faced against the Bengals Defense we know how great that defense is, so when you guys face a good Defense and still do good enough come talk with me again

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  3. Mr. D

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    simple my simple minded Raven fan

    when your team comes up against a Team that has a GOOD Defense, if they actually do good against a Good Defense then come back to me, if not then be thankful you have a great defense to keep you guys alive
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    I am feeling the love in here.
  5. Mr. D

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    ya think :lol:
  6. MediaGuy

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    Carry on my friend. You do not know what you do not know.
  7. Mr. D

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    I know that the Ravens Offense needs help if they think they can win games against a team with a better Defense then the Bengals do
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    ya see people, ravens fans prove over and over that STD's can effect the brain.
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    ya see my not very smart friend the question is not whether the Ravens can beat a top-10 defense with their offense, it's about whether the Ravens are a better team than the Bengals, which they are. The Bengals lack intelligence, chemistry, and discipline, something the Ravens have a lot of now that Harbaugh and Cam are here. makin' excuses, changin the subjct, not makin' any sense, proves you are LOSING THE ARGUMENT JUST LIKE YOUR TEAM IS LOSING TO MINE!
  10. Susielr

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    LOL....before you call him a "not very smart friend"....re-read your quote...

    Here is a hint...

    *whether the Ravens are a better team than the Ravens*

  11. Mr. D

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  12. MediaGuy

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    Play nice guys and gals as it is way past his bed time. Again.
  13. Mr. D

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    I'm sure the Ravens are better than the Ravens :icon_cheesygrin:

    lets put it this way

    Bengals offense > Ravens Offense
    Ravens Defense > Bengals Defense

    when two greats go up against each other it becomes a low scoring Game

    but if the Ravens Offense was a great offense it would only be low scoring on one side of the field because if you guys had a good enough Offense you wouldn't have only scored 17 points off the Bengals Defense

    sorry I guess that may be to intelligent of an answer for you

    Bengals Offense goes up against The Ravens Defense, in turn

    The Ravens Defense turn out to be back to there normal which gave the ravens a division championship in 2006, was able to stop The Bengals Offense down to 6 points

    Ravens Offense on the other hand thanks to the Defense keeping the ball in the Ravens Offense hands long enough to get two TD's in and a Field goal in

    you give a blind Man enough time he'll find all the nuts in the field just by feeling his way around

    is that simple enough?

    lets say it was the Bengals against the Patriots with a healthy Brady

    the score wouldn't be 17-10 Patriots

    the Score would more likely be 52-7 Patriots

    is that better sir?
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    I like it when you're rough...


    (Next time spank me.)
  15. MRAVEN

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    Well aren't you a heckin' genius.
    Considerin' that was Flacco's 1st NFL start...17-10 is all we needed to win.
    One thing you fail to understand there Mr. Delusional.....if you can't score, you can't win.I don't need an offense to put up 50 points a week to win.As far as I'm concerned....the uglier the better.
    Your stellar,awesome stat havin' offense might score 30 or so points in the rest of your games...but you'll still lose by 10 or more 'cause you have no defense.
    Enjoy the basement flopbutt.
  16. smeags

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    no need to bring the female raven fans into this pal.
  17. MRAVEN

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    It's funny that a fan with an empty trophy case would even venture into a smack forum....well it does make it easier to dust.At least you got that goin' for ya.
  18. Mr. D

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    lucky for the Bengals they won't be facing teams that have a Great Defense along with Great Offense as well, so if The Bengals don't do so great this year at least they can be sure to do better then the Ravens ;)
  19. ravenfan52

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    0-6 :pointlaugh:
  20. Mr. D

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