7 Reasons Why The Bengals Will Beat The Titans

Discussion in 'NFL Smack Central' started by Mr. D, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. Walnuts

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    how about a few reasons for the Titans to win?

    1. Titans defense is superior to Baltimore's, against whom the Bengals vaunted qb and wideouts did what...oh, nothing.
    2. Cincy's D couldn't even stop Le'Ron McClain (who?) and now they are facing Lendale White and Chris Johnson...good luck with that.
    3. Kerry Collins is probably going to play better than Vince did last week. He couldn't possibly be any worse.

    I think that's all I need.
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  3. chiefswin19games

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    1. Carson Palmer is better than Kerry Collins
    2. Kerry Collins is a better QB than Vince Young at this point
    3. Chris Johnson makes up for the Titans lack of depth at WR
    4. That was then, this is now
    5. I don't think homefield advantage matters much with your team
    6. I don't think your head coach can motivate this group to "bounce back"
    7. I think the Bengal's players are more worried about meeting their assigned court dates
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  6. Walnuts

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    What? It's true.

    MRAVEN 1st Stringer

    Seek help.....
  8. Mr. D

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    where are the Titan fans at?

    only one of them came up

    and we have the peanut gallery to back him up lol

    one of the few times I do this but I must agree with that Raven fan

    Baltimore has one of the BEST Defenses out there, The titans Defense ain't better then the Ravens Defense

    lol only henry has to worry about that and he's not playing this Sunday :lol:
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  10. MRAVEN

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    Just accept the fact they suck....you'll sleep better at night.
  11. ravenfan52

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    7 reasons why the Begfnals lost:

    1. They suck
    2. they're pathetic
    3. they're an excuse for an NFL team
    4. they are awful
    5. it makes me happy
    6. because I said so
    7. BECAUSE MR.D SAID THEY'D WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  12. Crowned

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    Yea you're like the 4th one to do this, it got old.. Even older then you.. OH it must be 13?
  13. CP26

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    Who won?:icon_sad:
  14. Mr. D

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    just look forward to something new from me just for you mr ravenfan52

    with an injured Palmer who do you think
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    i can think of 2 reasons, that we won't be seeing the 7 reasons thread anymore :icon_cheesygrin:
  16. Mr. D

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    you don't know me very well do you :icon_cheesygrin: *nut*
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    Nice "sexy" avatar there, Danny....lol.
  18. smeags

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    thankfully i have eli manning as a back-up for palmer.
  19. Walnuts

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    Damn I'm good. One of the best there ever was.
  20. Mr. D

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    Seven Reasons the Bengals Lost to the Titans
    1. Palmer working on an injury
    2. TJ, and Ocho still not able to connect for long yards
    3. Bengals Defense Still Suck ass
    4. Kerry Collins proved to be better than Vince Young
    5. still can't stop the run
    6. still can't tackle
    7. Marvin Lewis isn't fired yet