Aaron Berry's Lawyer Says Lions Rushed To Judgment

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    Aaron Berry's lawyer, Corky Goldstein, believes the Detroit Lions rushed to judgment by releasing the cornerback Monday. "I just feel really, really badly that they've made the decision to release him because they don't have the facts," Goldstein told NFL.com and NFL Network on Monday. Formal charges haven't been filed against Berry, although Goldstein said he expects them to come in the next few days. Berry's second arrest in less than a month was the last straw for the Lions, who terminated his contract because of "personal conduct which adversely affects the club," according to the team. "This certainly was not of that level," Goldstein said when learning of the Lions' decision to cut his client. "This was not of the level of what I'm used to people getting released for." Harrisburg, Pa. police arrested Berry on Saturday on three charges of simple assault.

    Source: NFL.com
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    Face it, you've lost a meal ticket & move on...

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