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    Members can now post tables inside their posts. This Hack provides a BB code [table] to add a table to the post. The skin of the table automatically fits the style because the CSS classes of vBulletin are used.

    A table is simply made of some lines (will be the rows). The cols are seperated by |. So this will be a table:
    [table="head"]head col1|head col2|head col3
    row1 col1
    |row1 col2|row1 col3
    row2 col1
    |row2 col2|row2 col3[/table]
    Image #1:

    Image #2

    Image #3

    Here is a more detailed tutorial on how to use this feature:
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    Someone translate that for me. I have no idea what the hell all that jibberish is saying.
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    another great feature on this site