Actor Charlie Sheen Says He Didn't Purchase LT's Super Bowl Ring

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    Noted sports memorabilia collector Charlie Sheen says he’s not the man who bought Lawrence Taylor’s Super Bowl XXV ring at auction last weekend. Rumors have swirled in recent days that Sheen, who at different points has had a vast memorabilia collection, was the winning bidder of LT’s ring. But Sheen, via his personal Twitter account, says it isn’t so. “RE: Lawrence Taylor's Ring: As much as I would be honored to own such an important artifact... I had nothing to do with the acquisition. C.†The auction house, citing confidentiality, has not identified the bidder who purchased the ring for $230,401. It was LT’s son who hawked the ring and when he did so, the old man reportedly didn’t know anything about it.

    Source: National Football Post
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    Well that's a buzz kill.

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    Not for Chuck Sheen, his buzz never goes down
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    Took the words right outta my mouf.

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