Agent Says Eagles DT Mike Patterson Is Likely To Play This Season After Seizure

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  1. Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Mike Patterson, who suffered a lengthy seizure at practice on Aug. 3, is likely to play again this season, according to his agent, J.R. Rickert. Rickert told The Philadelphia Inquirer on Friday that it is "definitely a possibility" that Patterson will return, but acknowledged that surgery hasn't been ruled out as an option. The 27-year-old defender has been diagnosed with a brain condition that the Eagles have described as a brain AVM, which are malformations or tangles of arteries and veins that alter blood flow. Rickert said an announcement is expected Monday regarding Patterson, who visited neurologists last weekend and received positive medical reports. It had been thought that the 6-foot-1, 300-pound Patterson would be cleared to participate in football-related activity Friday.

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    No offense JR but you also said that he'd be practicing 2 days AFTER the seizure. I would think he'll play the season if they can get like 3 or 4 neurologists to sign off on him playing. Playing won't make it "worse" per say but if he dies on the field, do you really want people seeing that? Again, doubt it'll happen but you need yo get people to say he's more than okay before you put him out on the field. It's the smart play.