Al Davis Taking A Lesser Role With The Raiders?

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    This subject should be tread very lightly and carefully, because it's not know why Al Davis hasn't attended a single Raiders practice this training camp but if we're dealing with reality, it's more logical to assume that training camp 2011 is a potential template-shifter for the Raiders. Al is still Al and he still runs things by phone and proxy, no question. When Davisis in public -- his firing/hiring press conferences -- he's totally there and totally in charge. But, other than the firing/hiring appearances, Davis has been less and less of a physical, tangible presence on the practice field and in the locker room for a few years now. Energy is the easiest way to judge this: Al has been running on low-energy for a while, and 2011 is probably when it dipped so low that everybody, including team executives, had to admit and accept it.

    Source: San Jose Mercury News
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    "Commitment To Excellence"? Should be to "Commitment To Clownassness"

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