All Signs Point To Joe Mays Starting At MLB For Eagles

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    All signs are pointing to Joe Mays being the starting middle linebacker when the Eagles face the Bears Sunday night. He and several players said that he took most of the repetitions in the middle during practice today. "They're giving me some reps right now so they can give me a feel for the game just in case my number is called," Mays said. If Mays gets his shot in the middle, Chris Gocong -- who played in the middle last week as sort of an experiment -- will move back to his regular spot at strong-side and Will Witherspoon will stay at weak-side. "I gave it my best," Gocong said. "It was hard. It's tough to set everybody and know all the run gaps and know all the coverage. It's a lot of stuff and it's hard to do in three days."

    Source: Philadelphia Inquirer & Daily News
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    Meh I don't mind this. We have no other options. Witherspoon at weakside is probably for the best as is Gocong at strongside.
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    He can hit like a truck, but what else does he bring to the table?
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    Knows the playbook? Lol.