Andre Davis trying to bounce back after two tough seasons

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    After three solid seasons with the Cleveland Browns, it looked like Andre Davis would develop into a consistent NFL receiver.

    Two teams and two seasons of mostly special teams play later, Davis is trying to show the Houston Texans he can be the offensive threat he once was.

    "I've got an opportunity and that's all it takes," he said. "Now it's up to me to do what I can with it. So I'm looking forward to going out there each day and continuing to work on my game."

    A second-round draft pick in 2002, Davis had three straight 400-plus yard receiving seasons with the Cleveland Browns. He holds the NFL record, along with nine other players, for longest touchdown reception with a 99-yard catch he made in 2004.

    He was Cleveland's kick returner his first two seasons, gaining 1,871 yards on 88 returns.

    Things went downhill in his fourth year as he was traded to New England for the 2005 season and managed just nine receptions for 190 yards in four starts. He moved again after that season, this time to the Buffalo Bills where he had only 13 yards receiving.

    After playing his entire career in cooler climates, Davis has had trouble adjusting to the Houston heat. Coach Gary Kubiak has noticed his struggles.

    "He's really got to get where he can go all day and I've told him that," Kubiak said. "I think his conditioning level, I don't know if it's being here in the heat of Houston or whatever, when his condition level gets right, he's going to make a big push for this football team. It's gotten better, but he struggled the first few weeks out here."

    The Texans have yet to find a receiver to take pressure off Pro Bowler Andre Johnson as he enters his fifth season. Kevin Walter is the front-runner to take over as the second receiver this year, but Davis could also figure into the mix.

    Though Davis is a couple of years younger than Johnson, the 28-year-old said he pays close attention to the player.

    "He's an All-Star. I've got a lot to learn from him," Davis said. "He's someone who consistently makes plays and that's the biggest thing I can take from him."

    Davis said mimicking Johnson's work ethic could be important when they take the field.

    "You can't take any plays off," he said. "You have to go make sure that each play, even if the play's not designed to go to you, you have to make sure you go out and give your best because you could end up taking somebody else away from another route that's on the field."

    Davis said aside from the weather, learning the plays has been the most difficult adjustment in his transition to the Texans.

    "I'm working to get to the point where I'm not thinking so much about what the play is, but instead how am I going to beat this guy in front of me," he said. "I think when I'm able to study more it will begin to come as second nature and I'll be able to just go out there and react."