Andy Reid Defends Eagles Defensive Line For Lack Of Sacks

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    Coming into the season, Jim Washburn said if the defensive line didn't get 50 sacks, he should be fired. Unless things change, he might come back to regret those words.

    Through 5 games the defensive line has only 7 sacks, putting them on pace for just 22 on the season- less than half of the lofty prediction by Washburn.

    The Eagles have not recorded a sack in 2 games and while they have been getting pressure on the quarterback, not finishing the job finally cost them yesterday.

    Still, Andy Reid defended his defensive line today at the NovaCare Complex: "I know that I was asked yesterday about sacks and pressures and all those things – I think we’re doing a decent job with the pressure part of it. I know we are measured here on sacks, and what you’re seeing teams do right now is utilize their three-step drop with a five-man protection. Then, they’re quick-hit five throws off of the five-man protection go beyond that with the five hitches and the five hitch, hitch with the long throw downfield and seven step drop, you’re seeing either maximum pro which is seven-man protection or you’re seeing that six-man protection. We saw a majority of that between the six-man and seven-man yesterday. What we saw last year was maximum sacks and a lot of scoring. What you’re seeing this year is not a lot of sacks and we’re keeping the scoring down. However, that last drive you have to be able to get off the field on the third-and-12. That was actually one where we did have pressure and had an opportunity to sack [Pittsburgh QB] Ben [Roethlisberger], and he did a good job of shaking us off when our defensive end got free there."


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