Andy Reid Defends Eagles WR DeSean Jackson's Play Vs Cardinals

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    There were two plays in Sunday’s game against the Cardinals involving DeSean Jackson that have been put under the microscope.

    The first came early in the second quarter when Jackson appeared to stop tracking the ball after contact with corner Patrick Peterson along the right sideline. Instead, he looked to the officials and put his hands in the air while Michael Vick‘s pass dropped to the ground ahead of him but there was no flag on the play.

    Andy Reid, though, did not place the blame at Jackson’s feet.

    “There was a bit of contact that took place,†said Reid, trying his best to not openly criticize the officiating. You would like to see that as long as someone is not grabbing him. Just make sure you take a look at the [film]. I’m kind of tied on what I can say.â€

    The second play in question came at the end of the first half on a 14-yard reception that brought the Eagles down to the one-yard line. Replays seem to show that Jackson had a chance to dive forward and possibly break the plane of the goal line, but instead went into a defensive posture before falling to the ground.

    “It was one of those bang-bang plays,†said Jackson. “I kind of felt somebody right on me. But we still had the ball at the one-yard line, so you’re still supposed to score. A little frustrating that I didn’t get in on that but through the course of the game things happen like that, so you’ve got to keep playing.â€

    Added Reid: “I’m glad he caught the ball; I’m glad that part took place. I think he would have liked to score right there, and we would have liked him to score right there. â€