Andy Reid Flip-Flops On Comments About Eagles QB Kevin Kolb

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    Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports Eagles coach Andy Reid contradicted himself again an hour after his Friday news conference at the NovaCare Complex - in which he denied a comment he made to Sports Illustrated's Peter King - when he had a team spokesman tell reporters that he did in fact make it. Here's the quote, which King wrote was one of Reid's explanations for benching Kolb in favor of Michael Vick, as it appeared on "A young quarterback needs time to mature as he grows in the game. I don't think Kolb has lost one thing. He's a franchise quarterback. He will win games, and championships, for the Eagles. But I think it's a different deal when you go out there and can't make a mistake or you're going to get crucified, which is the way this thing might have gone if he went back in there now." Asked to further explain the meaning of the "crucified" part of his remark, Reid initially responded: "I never said that. Nope." The coach then said that he had talked to King but did not see the article and wanted to read it before making further comment. So, did he believe that Kolb would get crucified, presumably by fans and the media, "if he went back in there now," presumably behind a shaky offensive line? "That's not what I feel at all," Reid said after the Eagles finished practice in preparation for Sunday's game at the Jaguars. "Let's move on to Jacksonville, fellas. We've kind of worn this deal out here." However, after Reid read the article, a team spokesman said that the coach had made those comments to King but did not intend for them to be perceived as the main reason for the quarterback reversal.

    Source: Philadelphia Inquirer
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    I have been there,
    Vick was a Backup to QB Chris C in ATL back in the day,
    Fans in the Dome,
    were calling for the other team to Break ATL Superbowl QB CC Neck and then Harassing his Family in the Stands,

    Vick's fans would have been off the Chain,
    if Kolb came Back in and he did anything wrong!

    Andy will have to wait until Vick Fails,
    Faces a TOP 5 D,
    or a game when its below 32,
    before he will even be talked about by Kolb again
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    Come on Andy...

    Don't worry about it. Winning cures all...
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    Things like that happen in Philadelphia... bada bum.

    ...but yea, what Reid says about anything has zero credibility at this point.
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    reid needs to stop making public comments about this situation and just focus on coaching and talent evaluating, the only things he is good at........... the eagles and many other teams need a team spokesperson, who will address everything to the media instead of the HC doing it.