Andy Reid Hints At Michael Vick Running The Wildcat?

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    Andy Reid made a pitch that the Eagles' version of the Wildcat be called something else. "We have all these creative minds in Philadelphia. We have to come up with a new name for this." What is different about the Eagles' version, Reid said, is that Michael Vick is a quarterback and not a running back or wide receiver, positions that have been at the forefront of the trend. "Michael can throw the football and can run the football," Reid said. "Most of the kids who are running this thing are running backs. Mike can add his own dimension to this. We will use it in certain situations, depending on the team that we play. It could be every week. It could be whenever we want to do that. It is important that we all get used to it. We will use it … It takes a little adjustment to do that." Reid conceded that the offense "sputtered around a little bit" against Jacksonville, but said the Eagles would get better with more work and as they add different elements.

    Source: Philadelphia Daily News