Andy Reid Insists Eagles QB Michael Vick Remains The Starter

Discussion in 'Philadelphia Eagles' started by SRW, Oct 10, 2010.

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    In the immediate aftermath of his team's 27-24 victory over San Francisco, Eagles head coach Andy Reid expressed pride in his team and defused any issues about the quarterback. "Michael is still the starting quarterback so we won’t get that controversy going there," Reid of Michael Vick, who missed the game with a rib cartilage injury. Of Kevin Kolb, Reid said, "All in all, he managed the game ... He was accurate. He had no hesitation putting the ball in tight holes. He kept up and played like Kevin Kolb can play." Reid also mentioned that there were a few plays that Kolb would like to have back and would know more once he reviewed the film. The Niners made the game tighter than anticipated with a rally in the fourth quarter, "You have got to play four quarters against them," Reid said. "This is what they do. I am proud of my guys. It’s been a long couple of days on the west coast. They stay focused."

    Source: Philadelphia Daily News
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    Andy Reid's statements mean nothing. Well, except maybe that Vick is close to being traded.
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    Why insist? lol...
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    what good comes from this?
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    Why not just say you will play the QB who gives the team the best chance to win each week.
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    Andy Reid also said of Kolb: "Look not trying to be mean but it was the niners. He BARLEY beat the NINERS and you think im going to name him the starter. The 49ers GAVE US the ball 4 FREAKING TIMES and we BARLEY beat them. Vick is the starter as soon as hes healthy."

    LOL wow im hating on my team today but i dont even care...
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    I didn't expect him to say anything else.
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    Vick's probably holding Andy Reid's dog hostage..