Andy Reid Says Eagles QB Michael Vick Remains The Starter

Discussion in 'Philadelphia Eagles' started by SRW, Oct 17, 2010.

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    Eagles coach Andy Reid told reporters that Michael Vick is still his starting quarterback, despite the great game from Kevin Kolb on Sunday. Although, Reid has been known to change his mind before. Reid was proclaimed that Kolb was going to retain his job after suffering a concussion in Week 1, before famously changing his mind and sticking with Vick. Vick was the team's emergency quarterback on Sunday.

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  2. 86WARD

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  3. SoDev

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  4. mj1987us26

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    Can a poacher please kill Reid for his walrus tusks already and end this circus.
  5. KISSman

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    It doesn't make any sense for the organization to not stick with Kolb.

    Reid is a big fat idiot.
  6. 86WARD

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    It does if Reid truly believes Vick gives him the best chance to win now.

    The NFC is weak at the moment and ripe for the taking. If Reid believes Vick is better than Kolb - present day, then it could possibly make sense for right this minute. For the makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.
  7. RichLikeWh0a

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    nah, they gotta give it to Kolb either way now I think personally.
    you give it back to Vick, it's gonna suck the life out of Kolb.
    take his confidence, his motivation, etc.
    if he can play, if he can win, then he needs to start for them. cuz only one of them is gonna be an eagle next year, and that's kolb.
    just my opinion.
  8. themush

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    Who really believes this horsecrap?
  9. KISSman

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    That maybe made sense after Week 1, but if you've watched Kolb play since Vick's injury, he now gives them just as much of a chance to win. There's clearly been rapid progression in Kolb since he's been back behind center.

    Reid will be making a mistake by hitching his wagon to a guy who has no future on that team when the supposed future of the team is playing very well right now.
  10. The Mullet

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    Not to mention that Vick has a history of having a good game here and there and then totally sucking wind. He is streaky. Kolb is just as good if not better now and has the benefit of the future.
  11. 86WARD

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    Early reports are that Vick will sit one more week and Kolb will get the nod next week against the Titans in Nashville.
  12. This is getting freaking ridiculous......

    I couldn't care less who starts under center for the Eagles......
  13. phiglesphan

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    You should.... you should home for Kafka because that's the only way the Vagiants will stand a chance :icon_cool:
  14. never cease to amaze me. :peace:
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    Your rep button ain't broke :icon_cheesygrin:
  16. Don't press your luck.....:icon_cool:
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    I wish they were 1-4 ; (
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  19. Rep......:Loco:
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    A pox on you

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