Another Proud Moment For Philadelphia And It's Fans

Discussion in 'NFL Smack Central' started by SoDev, Dec 21, 2009.

  1. Cletusaurus

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    Quite possibly the best story of the year.
  2. smeags

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  3. pctrips

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    Great freaking story...lmao.

    Now, people keep saying this crap happens everywhere. Umm, no it does not. Isolated incidents happen at every NFL stadium every Sunday. Buttholes are everywhere and you put a little alcohol in them and a problem can occur. The difference in this video is the scale. This wasn't just some drunk butthole causing a problem. This was 50+ people chucking snowballs at a couple of people sitting in their chairs not throwing snow back.

    Sorry Eagles fans, crap like this doesn't happen everywhere. You're not being picked on. You are not being singled out.
  4. smeags

    smeags militant geek

    hey pc - seriously, learn to use google before you show the world the lack of education cheifs fans get.

    [ame=""]YouTube- Jets Football Player, Shaun Ellis, throws Gigantic Snowball at Pesty Seahawks Fan[/ame]

    umm, yeah, it only happens here.

    oh and i hope i didn't take the fun out this sweets.

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    another example -Security serious after 9/11 events, baseball dust-ups | Gazette, The (Colorado Springs) Newspaper | Find Articles at BNET

  5. pctrips

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    You didn't really show anything to dispute my take on it. There was nothing in any link you posted that rivaled 50+ people attacking fans sitting in the stands not fighting back. There are tons of stories of people acting like buttholes at football games. You've missed my point, it's the scale. The buttholes per capita just must be higher in Philly I guess. All three of your links are from New York too which isn't surprising.
  6. smeags

    smeags militant geek

    the scale ? all from new york ? do you even click the links ? if you did you'd know it pointed out FOUR other fanbases. so there was only one seahawks fan throwing snowballs at the jets players ? only a couple giants fans throwing snowballs at the chargers ? only one denver fan ? just two or three pats fans ?

    pc, there's no freaking difference. stop with this scale rant, your take blows. philly deserves the crap we hear when buttholes from our crowds do things but it shows a alarming amount of ignorance to try and say this crap doesn't happen in many stadiums.
  7. pctrips

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    I've said crap happens in other stadiums but I've never seen crap like the Philly fans attacking the niner fans. All to old butt crap you brought up had people throwing crap at players...not the same thing, and again not 50 plus people.
  8. smeags

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    whatever, so you could tell how many eagles fans were throwing snowballs ? really ? considering that's an impossible thing to do from that video ? you could tell how many giants fans were throwing snowballs at the chargers ? players arent on the same scale as fans ? knocking a person out is on a lower scale than two guys getting pelted in the back ?

    your theory has more holes than a block of swiss cheese.
  9. SoDev

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    Gotta love the they do it too/try to change the subject to other fan bases defense. Who cares, we're talking about Philly's trifling asses and where this pathetic event ranks in it's notorious history as the cream of the douche fan base.
  10. Crowned

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    Why are you trying to defend this? Whether it happens at every stadium or not, doesn't make it any better. And wearing your teams jersey into another stadium is disrespectful? are you freaking kidding me?
  11. smeags

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    ummm, this doesnt even rank in our top 10.

    and for your info the subject will always change when someone makes an assinine comment that this doesnt happen everywhere and that this is sooooooooooooo horrible because of the scale.

    i never have and never will act like my fanbase doesnt deserve to hear crap when something like this happens, the fact is though that fans like you try and act like you're innocent which is hypocrictical.
  12. afjay

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    I was there and I can tell you, it started as a huge snowball fight on that side of the stadium. They were flying from lower to upper decks and vice versa. Then all of the sudden all the snowballs became concentrated on one area. It had to be at least 30 different fans throwing them.
  13. smeags

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    well then, that tells me all i need know - i mean 50 is over line, that's on scale that is beyond human. 30 ? well that's just some fellas having a little bit of fun.

  14. pctrips

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    This doesn't happen everywhere...quit pretending like it does. Show me any other evidence that shows a whole section of a stadium vacated because there is a mass of snowballs projected at 2-3 fans of an opposing team. All the google crap you drummed up was throwing stuff at players. It's all freaking goobered whether it's one drunk douchebag or a whole section.

    I can act as innocent because I haven't thrown anything at anyone at a game. Like I said earlier, the butthole per capita in Philly has to be off the charts. It's no coincidence that it's the only NFL stadium with a functioning court and jail in it. You can't argue that is everywhere.
  15. smeags

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    pc- your arguement is like a fart in a tornado but keep trying to prove that little scale theory.

    btw - while i can't debate that other stadiums have a court and holding cells i can say there is no court or jail at the linc so again the scale isn't tipping your way.
  16. pctrips

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    So they didn't move that from the Vet? I suspect it'll be in the new stadium sooner rather than later.
  17. disrespectful ??? only in Philly i guess cause if i ever went to a road game and got hit with a snowball, mark it down, id get arrested cause someones butt woulda had to have been whipped :icon_evil:

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    ive been to 3, Alltell, Raymond James, and Landshark stadium wearing 3 different Chargers jerseys and the biggest incident was a drunken Bucs fan talkin some crap, never anything like this though...
  18. DawkinsINT

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    They stopped the court while it was still at the Vet because of the lack of use.
  19. hermhater

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    Lack of use?

    Because security would rather escort fans that are being abused, than go after the suspects?
  20. DawkinsINT

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    Not enough serious cases to justify the expense. Many people were ejected from the game last week for throwing snowballs. One guy I know said at least 10 in his section were thrown out for it.

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    Some may have been tossed out for throwing grapes, but I'm not sure.