anyone else ever had this problem with their cable provider?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Discussion' started by Buck Fenson, Feb 15, 2014.

  1. Buck Fenson

    Buck Fenson formerly Jake from State Farm

    I didn't know this. Maybe those who have netfix can answer this question. I got online today and my net was acting up. Couldn't log on to Yahoo or Facebook. Kept having a red line through the http: Finally got in touch with my cable provider Suddenlink, and they said that I used up my allotted gigs by watching too many movie through Netflix. They said that watching 15 movies will do that. Has that happened to anyone else?
  2. 86WARD

    86WARD -

    Has not happened to me...but I'll be pissed if it does...
  3. DawkinsINT

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    Has not happened to me either. Weird.
  4. Tarkus

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    Had Hughes Net for awhile & they did something similar. Out of nowhere, everything ground to a halt & when I talked to them, they referred to the fine print of the contract that had a segment called The Fair Use clause. Seems they capped my ass for being an internet hog.

    Of course, for a $20.00 upgrade...


    Should have seen it coming.

  5. Kurt

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    Thanks some serious BS
  6. Buck Fenson

    Buck Fenson formerly Jake from State Farm

    Ours is "only" $10. Never had that happen before.