Anyone Here Still Play Or Did Play Football? Share Some Memories

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    It's a simple question. Whether you're like me and play a weekly game with friends, or toss a football around with your kid, or play(ed) for a high school team, or play(ed) for a college team, or even play(ed) in the NFL, share some stories from your experiences.

    I just play around with friends normally every week. We rarely play tackle (we often have a girl or two that plays) so it's mostly a WR/DB like game most of the time. I actually do pretty good most of the time though; We played for an hour last week and I had 3 touchdown catches, 2 interceptions on defense, and the only pass I had thrown also went for a touchdown. I have average speed and I'm relatively strong (I'm no weight lifting monster but I do lift regularly) so I'm typically a TE or LB if there's a good amount of people. FB from time to time too.

    Go on though...share some stories of when you played the game.[​IMG] :football:

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    I played a lot of football up to going to College. Didn't have the size to play past HS, but still played in a lot of pick up games with friends after. We use to play a Thanksgiving Bowl game every year, which sometimes involved playing in 6-8 inches of snow. Totally a blast, tackle without pads, and sometimes in snow. There was a lot of sore Mofos at Thanksgiving dinners after. I was playing FB blocking for our QB who was passing almost every play, and I forgot my arm pads. My arms ended up one big black and blue spot. Hurt bad for 3-4 days after. :icon_smile: Fun times.
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    I played MS football, was too small, but super fast fourth cornerback, fifth wide receiver
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    Played QB in HS. Was a practice squad guy due to my height. Contemplated walking on in college, going ot finish my studies and work my way into shape and give semi-pro or Arena 2 a shot.
  5. Omen

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    played HS played Fullback safety and MLB was pretty good....too small for college even though many people walked on bc we stunk but we still had very big dudes so i sisnt. i played flag football,and tackle fb up untill four yeard ago bc i blew my kneee out and had to have it completely i feel old bc sll the injuries are catching up i have a seperated shouldr (never had sugery)torn tendons in my ankles and the knee

    so now i coach my kidsteams
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    Cool stories guys. I played again last Sunday...only two touchdown catches this time, might even have a concussion apparently (according to a friend. I dont think I do but my head does feel odd), my mind is spinning. :p
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    i play on a flag football leauge every thursday. its 8 v 8 and we play with three downline men on each side of the ball. its a blast, we got to play in the rain and it was some of the most fun i've every had. we got a few guys who can chuck the rock, pump and gos, sants, hook and ladder, its just a good time. we play flag so no one gets hurt, we all work and need $. i've playd in h.s. but was no good because i tore my knee up one year snowboarding. now i just run around and catch td's sucka
  8. American Football in Ireland

    American Football certainly isn't big in Ireland, but had a brief heyday back in the Eighties. I played for the Dublin Celts junior team from the age of 15 to 18. We were the only team in the Republic of Ireland at one stage, although the Dublin Pirates and the Dublin Tornadoes came and went. We had to travel across the border to Northern Ireland for games, and to places that a busload of young Catholics probably shouldn't have been going to. It was quite tense as I recall, and as far as I know it was the only time and the only sport (other than Rugby) when people of both religions and backgrounds played against each other. Catholics and Protestants would have played on mixed teams in the rugby, but we were an entirely Catholic team going in to Protestant areas at the height of the troubles. The Craigavon Cowboys turf was certainly a no-go zone for Catholics, but in we went. I don't recall any sectarian comments being made, or getting much reaction whatsoever, I think they appreciated us coming up to play them and respected us for that. It was just about the football, religion was irrelevant. NFL was so off the radar to most, that those that played it were just happy to have someone to play against.

    The Bears had won the Superbowl by then and were very popular amongst NFL fans in Ireland. The defense (I played free safety) was almost entirely long-haired Bears fans wearing their #34 jerseys in practice. The offense was predominantly Cowboys and 49ers fans with respectable haircuts. We rarely played both ways, even in practice (our defense to a man agreed that offense was for girls), and there was barely enough of us to field 11 on offense and 11 on defense. But we were all very committed and loved the game. If you can imagine getting out of bed at 6.00 A.M. on an Irish Sunday morning (dark, wet, freezing cold) and getting two buses right into and across Dublin to the training pitch … to run around in the muck and the rain … I traveled a long way week in week out to do just that. Most of us came no matter what the weather. The Center on the Senior team was a cool guy that came out rain or shine to coach us, no matter what state he'd gotten himself into on the Saturday night. We loved our football. The Miami Dolphins heard about our dedication and the total lack of support we got from anyone for equipment and such like – we basically played full contact, no helmets, no pads) – and they flew out to coach us one day (just the coaches) when the team was playing in London, I think it was. That was cool, they didn't have to do that and got no publicity or anything for it. I just remember the linebacker coach, Studley his name was, and the others spitting streams of tobacco everywhere. I swear they all chewed tobacco, it was like blazing saddles ! But everyone on our defense smoked so that was cool. I've seen all the American football games played in Ireland. I even saw the Bears play ! They came here and played (and lost to) the Steelers. Those seats weren't too good, but I had the best seats in the house for Army v Navy and West point v Notre Dame (sat right in front of Ted Kennedy that day !).

    I became a fan of Walter Payton's before I became a fan of football. NFL was first shown on British TV about 27/28 years ago. I didn't think too much of it when I first saw it -didn't understand it ... too many ads. I remember the Redskins and the Raiders being pretty big, John Riggins didn't do a whole lot for me. But when I saw Walter play, there was just something so cool about him, you couldn't put your finger on it, he was just different to the other backs. His whole aura, the way he moved, he was just different. He didn't spike the ball and jump around like an idiot when he scored. He'd just give the ball back to the linesman and that was that. He could prance like a deer… or put his head down and charge like a bull, that's what I'll always remember. Running head first into defenders rather than skipping out of bounds. As soon as I saw Jimmy Mac stick his tongue out at the camera when they were getting pasted by the 49ers in the playoffs, and that wrecking crew of a defense, I knew I had my team – I was hooked. But it was Walter that got me interested in the Bears and all of that history. I haven't seen a running back since that excites me the same way, that makes the hair raise up on the back of my neck. There may never be another. He came, he played, and then he was called home. Sweetness will always be my hero and benchmark for all things in life. Rest in peace Walter.
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  9. SweetShot03

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    I didnt play too much, played freshmen year of high school and in 8th grade...... 8th grade I was tight end and becuase of my speed they had a 2 special plays for me "End around" which is basically I just run behind the O line for a hand off around the other side up the feild to score...... basically if I could make it past the LB no one could touch me.

    In high school I was a 3rd string RB (my school, if you were popular and your parents had money you started if not you didnt no matter how good you were)

    I could out run everybody on the team but that didnt matter, I did feel kinda special though, cuase of my speed I was put in as MLB and blitzed every play, racked up quite a few sacks....... even played a little saftey now and then.

    College I just played flag football, helped take my team to our toilet bowl game lol but I had a class I couldnt skip anymore so I missed it and they lost :(
  10. TJ

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    I played in high school until I blew out my left knee, and since sports medicine in this country sucks, I was never the same again. I still can't run :icon_sad:
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    That sucks, dude. Sorry to hear that.
  12. 86WARD

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    I played in high school. Was the first player in something like 5 years to score first on CB West - team coached by Mike Pettine - we missed the extra point and went on to lose 20-6 and their 50+ win streak would continue.
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    :icon_cheesygrin: Well, in that case you must have got in this Country legally.
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    I was QB freshman and sophomore years in HS.

    Our Varsity team went to state quarterfinals my sophomore year, and then I moved to a new HS for JR and SR year.

    That team hadn't won a game in over 3 years so I said heck it and didn't play anymore.
  15. TJ

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    Yeah, they said "get the surgery in will be playing again in 8 months"...freaking insurance wouldn't cover the travel expenses and I was hecked.

    It was a good run, and I never had to attend a gym class again, so it wasn't all that bad :icon_cheesygrin:
  16. brakos82

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    Lucky bastard. :spin:

    Quick and simple: Played 3 years in high school, and started for 3 in college. I'll post more later, too many irons in the fire.
  17. SweetShot03

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    I know its a little off topic but I was mostly a wrestler, got the chance to go to states and blew my shoulder out, had a surgery joined the military retore it again in Iraq and now about to be on second surgery lol....... I know the feeling, I cant do many sports anymore either...
  18. chiefswin19games

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    Used to play QB at my last command. Don't play much in school.

    I've never played anywhere outside of pickup games though.
  19. Three7s

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    I was a WR in HS. Nothing better than running a slant and the QB throwing one too high. I can still feel those hits.......
  20. ball in the baskett

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    Ummm 2 things i remember from street football

    Catching the ball with my face it really hurt but i caught it damn sun

    got a scar on my elbow and knee when i dove for a football and caught it but we were playing in the street not a good place to dive lol

    I still throw the football around in my backyard cause i have a really big backyard and i have a canon for a arm.