Argos Put QB Joey Harrington On List

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  1. Source: Rick Matsumoto, The Toronto Star [ Full Article ]

    The Toronto Argonauts have gained exclusive CFL rights to former Detroit Lions starting quarterback Joey Harrington by placing his name on their negotiation list. Argos general manager Adam Rita said he made the move after Harrington was released by the Miami Dolphins, with whom he played last season, on March 6. However, Rita said he had not spoken to the player and had no immediate plan to do so. "We're pretty set at that position right now," he said. "But he's someone we might want to look at down the road."
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    I guess Joey could look at this option if he can't get a decent back-up gig somewhere but I still reckon someone will pick him up to be their #2. Maybe the CHiefs if they do move Trent Green on?
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    Joey Harrington had a golden opportunity to make the Dolphins second guess trading for Culpepper and got a second chance to prove himself in the NFL and he failed to do so. All he proved was he just doesn't have what it takes to be a NFL QB. Right about now the CFL might be an excellent option if he wants football to put food on the table.
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    looks like he's off the list now that he signed with atlanta.