Asante Samuel Blasts Andy Reid, Taunts Eagles After Falcons Win

Discussion in 'Atlanta Falcons' started by SRW, Oct 28, 2012.

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    Asante Samuel, as you might imagine, was in his glory following Sunday’s game.

    The Eagles’ secondary struggled, the defense was picked apart and his Falcons delivered a damaging blow to Andy Reid.

    “Man, it felt great — in front of all my fans that love me!†Samuel barked. “The best team after the bye week is us. It just felt good. That was a good ol’ fashioned ass-whoopin’ right there.â€

    Samuel set his sights on Reid, who reportedly parted with the cornerback this offseason because he felt his play was in steep decline. Samuel said Reid refused to talk to him on Sunday.

    “Can you believe that? He didn’t speak to me. Like it’s my fault. What did I do to you?†Samuel asked. “I think it was the way we were dancing out there. It got to him a little bit.

    “I gave a what up to him: ‘What’s up coach?’ I don’t know why [he didn't speak to me]. He deferred [after the coin toss]. What the hell?â€

    The main shot at Reid came when a reporter asked what the biggest difference is between the Falcons and Eagles.

    “The difference between these teams I think is the coaching,†he said. “We got really good coaching. We run the ball. Time of possession is real good.â€

    “Juan, didn’t he have the No. 12 defense in the league? Juan was doing pretty good,†said Samuel. “If they would have had me over there, they could have counted on at least one turnover. But I’m happy to be over here with the Falcons.â€

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    He speaks the truth.
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    Yeah...can't really find anything he said that's not the troof.
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    ironically he was a non factor in the game.
  5. ball in the baskett

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    he totally got stiff armed by shady on his touchdown and desean jackson basicly broke his ankles and gained a crap ton of yards lol. Its like a chiwawa just alot of bark but on the field he got powned twice.
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    I love the spin they put on this. If you actually watch the interview, he was totally casual and relaxed. He threw a couple digs in there, but he sure as crap didn't 'BLAST Andy Reid' or really 'TAUNT Eagles'.
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    5 receptions for 59 yards is a crap ton of yards? Well, maybe if your on the Eagles it is. A.S. is correct and I am glad Vick & the Eagles are playing like butt. They deserve it.
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    I didn't watch the game so I don't really know, but Asante is a zone corner. You can't tie one guy's receptions and yards to him as he doesn't often have responsibility for one guy through a whole play.
  9. ball in the baskett

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    point is he looked silly on a number of plays
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    owned+pounded+pnwed= powned?